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Sunday 21 December  
Julian Assange
Assange takes 1,500 year-old battle to Britain's top court
Ratko Mladic at ICTY
Mladic in court – Generally bizarre
Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal
ICT: can one-sided trials be fair?
In the land of bloody and honey
Serbia snubs Angelina Jolie's Balkans war film premiere
Italy immigration 're-think' after ECHR verdict
Upping the ante: UN gets Syrian crimes against humanity list
Mathias Bushishi
Belgium gives lesson to International Courts
drunk driving priest Juvénal Nsengiyumva
Rwandan Priest faces extradition, not for genocide, for drunk driving
STL: New lease on life
Salvadoran church women
Former Salvadoran defense minister to be extradited
Baltasar Garzon
Spanish judge Garzon acquitted in Franco-era crime probe
Manojlo Milovanovic
ICTY trials come to light
Ivory Coast election 2010 second round
Ivory Coast – who’s next after Laurent Gbagbo?
EU slams Dutch immigration policy
Guantanomo Bay inmates
Guantanamo detainee gets sentencing limited to 25 years
Syria uprising
UN rights forum to condemn Syria for fourth time
Jorge Sosa
Canada: War crimes suspect denied legal aid
Johannes Rutten
Dutch peacekeeper faces jail in Karadzic case
Human Rights Counci,l Geneva
Sri Lanka rejects need for U.N. war crime resolution
ICC, The Hague
The 'Americanisation' of the ICC – soon with rookie defence lawyers?
France recalls Rwanda envoy
Garzon's first trial verdict: Convicted and disbarred
Garzon: Down but not (necessarily) out
Garzon's pyrrhic victory: corruption case out
AU: Still fighting with ICC
Baltasar Garzón
Garzon: Spanish judge's second trial ends
Bangladesh questioned over extrajudicial killings
Banged up in Bangladesh
ICJ judges
ICJ tells Germany and Italy to keep talking
Rafiq Hariri Memorial, Beirut
Empty dock: a sense of failure?
Jelena Rašić
ICTY: Defence case manager sentenced for bribes
Syria uprising
Impunity in Syria – ICC ready but powerless
Meddzida Kreso
Sarajevo’s model under threat
Honduras prison fire
Honduras prison fire: collective blame
Hissene Habré
Belgium: hand over Habré
France recalls Rwanda envoy
Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenyatta rises as tribal loyalty trumps ICC charge
Momir Nikolic
ICTY witness: Intent to kill in Srebrenica
Comrade Duch
Duch: down with subtleties
Rithy Panh
‘Duch, Master of the Forges of Hell’
Kenyatta and Muthaura
ICC Kenya case: Defence appeals
STL gets new prosecutor
Charles Taylor: Long-awaited verdict April
Sri Lankan Mahinda Rajapaksa
Hundreds detained illegally in Sri Lanka: Amnesty
Victoire Ingabire
Rwanda: genocide ideology laws face judicial review
Seselj: trial was political
Khmer cadres
Embattled Khmer Rouge court seeks further funding
Thomas Lubanga in DRC
Lubanga: “A convenient first case”
OPINION: Spain Declares Itself Powerless
Belgium seeks world court order on ex-Chad leader
Bay of Bengal
Law of the Sea - whose 'cup of tea'?
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)
Court rejects bid to add charge in Hariri murder case
Libya vows trial for Kadhafi spy chief before polls
UNHRC vote
India says likely to back UN resolution on Sri Lanka war
South African police drive suspect to court
Interview: South Africa - Zimbabwean prosecutions?
Majority vote: Sri Lanka should punish civil war crimes
Wanted: Abdullah al-Senussi
Mauritania agrees to extradite Senussi: Libya vice PM
Abdullah al-Senussi with Muammar Gaddafi
ICC competes with Libya and France for Senussi
Judge Laurent Kasper-Ansermet
Judge’s resignation rocks Khmer Rouge court
Libyan team in Mauritania demands Senussi transfer
Brazil prosecutors look into dictatorship murders
ICC Prosecutor
Kony madness: Trial by tweet?
“Ambassador to Hell”: David Scheffer on Syria
US Supreme Court
Nigerian activists press US Supreme Court against Shell
Gulf of Mexico oil spill
BP reaches $7.8bn deal over US oil spill
Muammar Gaddafi
UN: findings on Gaddafi deaths inconclusive
Cash-strapped Khmer Rouge court gets new funds
Reparations for apartheid - GM settles out of court
ICC issues arrest warrant for Sudanese Defence Minister
At Guantanamo, guilty plea may lead to freedom
Sri Lanka president immune from prosecution in US
Libya uprising
UN panel: Both sides committed war crimes in Libya
Seselj: Radical Serb 'warned of rivers of blood'
Split decision: Tribunal investigates more cases
Sri Lanka civil war 2008
Sri Lanka to resist US war crimes resolution
Reed Brody
Habre: prosecute or extradite
Seselj: Prosecutors seek 28 years for hate speech
Stop Kony campain on twitter
Uganda : Campaign to arrest LRA leader goes viral
Guantanamo Bay
Gitmo war crimes court surprises some observers
Rwandan genocide
ICTR: Early release for Muvunyi
paleis justitie
Dutch judges blinkered for Rwandan genocide case?
Charles Taylor (Foto ANP)
SCSL: Taylor seeks to reopen defence case
Aisha Gaddafi before the fall of her father's regime
Gaddafi daughter applies to ICC over brother Saif
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)
Hariri court funding a 'victory': Lebanon opposition
Laurent Ggagbo
Laurent Gbagbo: the fall of an idealist
Bangladeshi tribunal
Bangladeshi PM: tribunal fair and impartial
Fatou Bensouda
ICC recommends Fatou Bensouda
Florence Hartmann at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslav
Hartmann - degrading punishment?
Evidence from the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
No Bosnia-Serbia cooperation
ACHPR: project ARC to the rescue
Felipe Calderon
Complaint against Mexican president and mafia bosses at the ICC
UN Human Rights Council
Syria condemned – now ICC arrests?
Palacio de la Moneda, sede del Gobierno chileno
Chile seeks US extradition
Ratko Mladic
ICTY: Mladic indictment to be slashed
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi appearing on National TV
ICC seeks update in case of Gaddafi’s son
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
Khmer Rouge - blame Vietnam
Fatou Bensouda - ICC's next Chief Prosecutor
Fatou Bensouda new ICC Chief Prosecutor
Bangladesh war 1971
Bangladesh Tribunal: First Witness
Hariri tribunals condemns "attack" on staff in Beirut
Judicial Politics: Funding the STL
Peace Palace
ICJ to rule on Macedonia's name
Peace Palace
ICJ rules in favor of Macedonia
Vanuatu flag
Vanuatu becomes 120th state to join the ICC
Maître Vergès (r)
French lawyer centre stage at Cambodia court
Radovan Karadzic
Karadzic trial shifts to Srebrenica
Russel Tribunal
Rights group calls for solidarity with Palestinians
Northern Bosnia
Omarska: whose memorial – yours or mine?
Mladic & Karadzic
Empty chair at Mladic genocide hearing
NATO - possible ICC probe
Ieng Sary
Amnesty not applicable for KRouge defendant
Rafiq Hariri
Hezbollah and the Lebanon tribunal – paying for your pariah
  Viktor Bout
Viktor Bout found guilty over arms traffic
Croatia flag
Croatia: Ex-Interior Minister arrested
Vojislav Seselj
Seselj – ICTY master spoiler
Ratko Mladic
ICTY: judges order Mladic health report
Former Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Thirith listens to evidence during her trial at the Extraodinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) in Phnom Penh.
Court orders ailing Khmer Rouge defendant freed
Visegrad bridge
Biggest Bosnia rape camp: first indictment
Cambodia genocide
Khmer Rouge: solid case or fairytale?
Guatemala war
Guatemala: Warning on war crimes cases
The Moluccas (light green)
Moluccan government-in-exile loses appeal
15 years in prison for Rwandan ex-mayor
No Christmas at home
Juba -Nicholas Westcott and Catherine Ashton
EU: extra-national justice for Africa?
Ratko Mladic
Mladic’s war-time diaries – the sting in the tale
Ghulam Azam
Bangladesh mastermind arrested
Abdallah Banda (L) and Saleh Jerbo are pictured at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, in June 2010. The two Darfur rebel leaders will be put on trial for the deaths of 12 African peacekeepers in 2007 in the war-torn western region of Sudan, the International Criminal Court said on Tuesday.
Darfur – ICC’s mission impossible
France's Armenia genocide bill stumbles
Ocampo 6: Kenya braces for ICC decision
ICC: Rent-free for now
Chad's ex-dictator Hissene Habre leaves Dakar's courthouse escorted by prison guards in 2005. International donors meeting in Dakar next week are expected to pledge millions of dollars to fund the prosecution of ex-Chadian dictator Hissene Habre, human rights bodies said Tuesday.
No extradition for Chad's Habre
KLA fighters
Belgrade Court Overturns KLA War Crimes Ruling
Countdown to disaster
Crash site of President Habyarimana's plane
Rwanda’s RPF off the genocide hook
March Madness: Judges plan for Mladic trial; defense objects
Ocampo Four: The prosecutor praises Kenya
2007 Post election violence in Kenya
ICC: Shaping Kenya’s political landscape
Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the Cambodia Tribunal
Khmer Rouge court runs out of cash
Garzon defends probe into Franco-era crimes
Guatemala: Ex-dictator must answer to genocide
Deputy prime minister Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the press in The Hague on Friday
Kenya's finance minister quits over ICC charges
Endgame: Mugesera goes home
OPINION: Garzón trial redux: The past is painful
Kenya post-election violence 2008
Not all smiles - Kenyan victims speak out after ICC charges confirmed
Sergeant Frank Wuterich
Iraq war crimes trial begins in California
Sri Lanka President Rajapakse
Sri Lanka's road to 'reconciliation'
Nuon Chea, ECCC
Plodding Ahead: Khmer Rouge trial wraps for the year
Callixte Mbarushimana
ICC declines to charge Rwandan rebel for DR Congo crimes
Moreno Ocampo
ICC prosecutor warns against budget cuts
1994 Rwandan genocide
Going home? ICTR’s first extradition to Rwandan courts
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in Leidschendam
STL: Chief Prosecutor to leave in February
Laurent Gbabgo
Gbagbo: Defence team needs help
ICC refers Malawi to UN over refusal to arrest Bashir
Navi Pillay, Comisionada de la ONU para los DD-HH
Libya Redux? HR Commissioner calls for ICC involvement in Syria
Former Colonel Theoneste Bagosora
Rwanda genocide "kingpin" has sentence cut
Omar al-Bashir (Foto: Flickr/Ammar Abd Rabbo)
Kenya - enforcing Bashir arrest warrant
Abdullah Gül (flickr/World Economic Forum)
France to stop "genocide" bill
Verene Shepherd
OPINION: Reparation for slavery – righting the wrongs
Paleis Justitie, The Hague
ICC witnesses can apply for asylum, says Dutch court
Rwanda genocide
Swedish court charges Rwandan with genocide
Florence Hartmann
France will not send Hartmann to ICTY
Callixte Mbarushimana
Callixte Mbarushimana: A free man in Paris?
Turkey vs. France as genocide law passes
San Juan de Nicaragua River
ICJ political football: Costa Rica vs Nicaragua
OPINION: From Russia to the ECHR
Sudan's Bashir to attend Arab summit in Baghdad
UN observers' attackers in Syria must be brought to justice
Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy: ICC lawyer still held in Libya
Rwanda officially closes community genocide courts
Pretty in Pink: Yvonne Basebya goes home—for now
Australian FM heads to Libya over ICC team detention
Muammar Gaddafi
Libya court scraps law banning glorifying Gaddafi
Khmer Rouge suspect's rights at risk: Amnesty
Burundi commission to probe extra-judicial killings
Sri Lanka calls for justice
Sri Lanka ex-army chief vows to unseat government
Liberia's Taylor to appeal 50-year sentence
Peace Palace
Dutch series Part 1: Building up a polished image of peace and justice
Saif al-Islam
Libya 'committed to cooperate with ICC on Saif'
DRC militia
Top Rwandan officials backing Congo rebels: leaked UN findings
Muammar Gaddafi
Libyan officials "interrogate" Taylor
Liberia to extradite 41 Ivorians for role in ICoast conflict
Bosnia police arrest two Srebrenica genocide suspects
ICC on-site visit, DRC
Judge Cotte: “We are making progress”
International Justice Tribune 154
IJT 153
International Justice Tribune 153
Thomas Lubanga
ICC prosecutor: 30 years for Lubanga (if no apology)
Lebanon Tribunal’s legality on the line
Bosco Ntaganda
Kigali, between Ntaganda and the ICC
Opposition leader charged over Bangladesh 1971 war
Dilma Rousseff
Brazil does it its own way
Cambodia tribunal
Chaos now bites KR defence
Hissene Habre
Senegal to try Chad's fugitive Habré
ICC Prosecution
ICC Prosecutor: Gbagbo to blame for worst post-poll violence
Moment of reckoning: Taylor sentence expected
From war crimes to football: Ocampo to FIFA?
Rwandan ex-minister jailed for life over genocide
Dos Erres memorial
Dos Erres massacre: a second trial for Ríos Montt
UN reports on Ugandan warlord's crimes against children
Defence seeks Karadzic acquittal, says no genocide in Bosnia
The explosion that killed Rafiq Hariri
A narrow path to legitimacy for the STL
Blaise Campaore
Burkina Faso MPs grant amnesty to Blaise Compaore
ICC / Gaddafi
ICC sends team to Libya after delegation detained
Australia demands release of ICC lawyer detained in Libya
Syria: Today’s massacres, tomorrow’s war crimes?
Malawi cancels AU summit hosting over Sudan's leader invite
2 killed in Senegal, Jan 2012 (RNW)
Amnesty: Senegal should end impunity for human rights abuses
Serbia probing 13 for aiding war crimes fugitives
Bosnians head to Srebrenica to bury 520 massacre victims
Mali 'descending into hell' says rights group
Defense lawyer: Mladic 'in bad shape'
ICC issues warrants against Congo, Rwanda rebel chiefs
Thomas Lubanga: Congo warlord jailed for 14 years
Kenya trials at war crimes court to start in April
Kenya: ICC Seeks to Change Uhuru, Ruto Charges
Uganda arrests Rwanda genocide suspect
"I wish...": First witness testifies in Mladic trial
First week of Mladic trial wraps; defendant given all clear
Kenyans sue Britain over Mau Mau abuses
Dutch Series – Part II (The Coup) ‘Total football’ for the International Criminal Court
Peace Palace
Dutch Series - Part III (The Reward) Justice: a brand that brings in business
ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda
ICC to investigate into Mali conflict
General Jorge Rafael Videla
A sense of pride after Videla trial in Argentina
IJT 155
International Justice Tribune 155
Hungary says probing Nazi war criminal 'raises problems'
Trial 000
Jean Pierre Bemba
The long wait for victims in Central African Republic
Al-Assad: 'Crimes' but what court?
Ex-Argentine dictator convicted in baby thefts
In demand ICC faces funding wrangles
Dutch state to fight Srebrenica case in Supreme Court
Dutch state to fight Srebrenica case in Supreme Court
ICC: Timbuktu shrine destruction a 'war crime'
Karadzic acquitted of one count of genocide
Ivory Coast's Ble Goude says ready to face ICC
Tunisia extradites former Kadhafi PM to Libya
UN prosecutors seek 20 years for Kosovo ex-premier
Beyond Göring: Moreno-Ocampo bids farewell
ICC chief heads to Libya expecting legal team release
Liberia: War Crimes Court Bill Lands At Capitol
High-profile Rwanda genocide convict transferred to Mali
Libya PM in Mauritania pushes for ex-spy chief extradition
Three Kenyan musicians on ethnic hate speech charges
Can IJT die?
IJT's colourful history
Petition International Justice Tribune
Libya frees four detained ICC staff after apology
ICC's new prosecutor urges Nigeria to act on Boko Haram
Kenya post election violence 2008
ICC set for Kenya trials
Sri Lanka sets up new courts to try war suspects
Top Khmer Rouge accused denies role in torture prison
Zintan resists Gaddafi son transfer
ICC envoy visits Libya amid Gaddafi son trial debate
ICC prosecutor goes to Libya on Gaddafi son case
Victoire Ingabire
Conflicting signals: How fit are Rwanda’s courts?
Arrested Gaddafi spy chief is sick -Mauritania
UN can't be tried for Srebrenica massacre in Netherlands
ICC and Libya: Defence to offence
US top court: torture law applies only to people
Brazil judge sets record straight on military torture
Nepal urged to drop plan for war crimes amnesty
U.S. campaign to bring Uganda's Kony to justice heats up
British Tamil locked up, key thrown away
Two Guantanamo Uighur prisoners head to El Salvador
Out of court: Battle for Gaddafi ignites institution
Ngoga (R) receives Jean Uwinkindi 's files
Endgame: Uwinkindi goes home
Britain mired in row over cleric's deportation
Bosnia opens trial of Muslims for war crimes
Congo's Kabila says to arrest wanted army general
Arab Spring Series: Part 2 - Egypt
Part 2: Justice, the ignored child in Egypt’s revolution
ICC: Prosecutor rejects Palestinian recognition of ICC
Guatemala to sign up to ICC in July
Former Turkish president on trial for 1980 coup
International Justice tribune 149
International Justice Tribune 149
Milosevic and Karadzic
Key figures of Bosnia's 1992-95 war 20 years on
Joseph Kony
ICC prosecutor courts Hollywood with Invisible Children
Egypt revolution 2011
Egypt must stop trials of children in military courts: HRW
Zimbabwe torture case postponed
No clear way to court for Syria war crimes suspects
Saif al Islam Gaddafi
ICC rejects Libya's request over Gaddafi son surrender
Guantanamo Bay
Accused Sept. 11 mastermind to face trial at Guantanamo
Media groups file challenge to keep Guantanamo court open
Bosnia twenty years on - Part 2: ICTY failure to deter?
Abu Hamza: Hook-handed radical preacher faces US extradition
Comrade Duch
Same Duch, new jacket
Little sympathy for Saif in Libya
Bosnia 1992
Bosnia twenty years on - denial, history and justice
Arms dealer Viktor Bout was arrested in Bangkok
Russia criticises US over arms dealer sentence
Sarajevo anniversary
Siege of Sarajevo – what really happened?
ICC wants to tackle taboo topic of rape in Libya
ICC on the road to reparations
Twenty years after the crimes Mladic goes on trial
Charles Taylor says West manipulating war crimes courts
Tamil Tigers
Sri Lanka to free ex-army chief: official
Dealing with amnesty in Northern Uganda
Mladic today, Karremans tomorrow?
Thousands still to be tried in the Balkans for war crimes
Taylor's lawyers: 80 years 'excessive'
Bangladesh political leader indicted over 1971 war
Uganda captures high-ranking Lord's Resistance Army member
Palais de Justice, Monaco
OPINION: Monaco, a haven… for war criminals?
Nigeria forced evictions
US Justice Dept urges terror label for Nigerian militants
EU Election Observation Mission in Tunisia
"Dialogue is launched in Tunisia"
IJT 152
International Justice Tribune 152
African Union Summit
AU: No trials in The Hague
The smaller the fish, the bigger the rap
Was the Gotovina verdict fair?
Croatia: In or out - still no sense of justice
Ratko Mladic
Mladic war crimes trial halted over 'irregularities'
Gaddafi ex-spy chief charged in Mauritania over false papers
Mladic on the walls of Belgrade
Mladic: just another "false start"
STL: Defense challenges legality of court
Libya's new penal code: same old story
Bosnian war crimes court jails first woman
The Taylor verdict: victory for justice?
US court rejects torture-related case against Bush lawyer
UN finds cluster bombs in Sri Lanka
Charles Taylor
An ill-fitting Taylor-made trial
Hague court may probe Mali rapes, killing
Arab Spring Series: Part 3 - Bahrain
Part 3: Bahrain: a "modern" monarchy resisting reform
ICC rejects Libya appeal on Gaddafi transfer request
Prosecutors seek 80-yr sentence for Charles Taylor
ECCC: judge says staff interfered with justice
Ex-combatant Burundi women farmers
No timeline for truth in Burundi
Beyond Taylor, “Where is our justice?”
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
Victor’s justice? Zintani rebels pledge to try Saif al-Islam
South Africa to rule on Zimbabwe torture case
Much remains to be done in Sierra Leone
Much remains to be done in Sierra Leone
Half-time: the prosecution rests its case against Karadzic
Interview: General Butt Naked: From warlord to preacher
IJT 151
International Justice Tribune 151
ivory coast truth commission
Reconciliation and prosecution: what do Ivorians think?
Blond Angel of Death- jailed for life
Papua and Indonesia: a troubled union
European Court of Human Rights
Max Mosley loses privacy appeal at rights court
Milorad Dodik
Bosnian Serb leader wants referendum scrapped
Turkey's Kurdish population
Turkish judge gets asylum in the Netherlands
ICC prosecutor warns Libya to abide by UN rules
Queen Elizabeth 2
N.Ireland jails IRA veteran ahead of Queen's visit
Luis Moreno Ocampo
Libya arrest warrants: worth the paper they're written on?
ECCC to start landmark trial on June 27
Ahmed Haroun
Wanted 'war criminal' wins election in Sudan
Somali pirates
Somali pirates plead guilty to yacht hijacking
Tamil Tigers
Tamil Tigers sneak through Schagen (part 1)
Polish prosecutor demands 12 years for Polish soldiers in Afghan war crimes case
Mladic is fit to go to The Hague
Vojislav Šešelj
Vojislav Šešelj Charged with Contempt of Court
sri lanka conflict over?
China: Sri Lanka can handle post-war relations alone
Sri Lanka during civil war
Sri Lanka begins military-led training for university entrants
Khalida Rachid Khan
Pakistani judge to head Rwanda genocide tribunal
Charles Taylor
Sierra Leone rebel charged with contempt in Taylor trial
Bosnian Serb jailed for 13 years over Srebrenica
Luis Moreno Ocampo
War crimes court to seek Libya arrest warrants on May 16
Omar Al-Bashir
Sudan's Bashir travels to Djibouti
The Astonishing Defense of Bin Laden's Death by the Security Council
Syria on UN Human Rights Council
Syria resists calls to end bid for UN Human Rights Council
Osama bin laden
The Astonishing Defence of Bin Laden's Death by the Security Council
Heavy fighting grips Libya's besieged Misrata
Amnesty International
Amnesty warns of war crimes in Libya's Misrata
Ieng Sary
Khmer Rouge court asked to release ailing defendant
Vojislav Seselj
UN court orders trial of Serb nationalist to go on
Sandor Kepiro at Budapest Municipal Court
'Most wanted Nazi' proclaims innocence at trial
FDLR rebel
'Hunting' Rwandan rebels in east Congo
Rwanda genocide
ICTR protected witness to testify under his real identity in Denmark
John Demjanjuk
‘Demjanjuk’s release is a masterstroke’
"No referendum " Bosnian Serb President Milorad Dodik
Bosnian Serb leader drops plan for disputed referendum
Ivory Coast President Ouattara
Ivory Coast's Ouattara vows killers will be punished
Omar al-Bashir
ICC reports Djibouti to UN over al-Bashir visit
rwanda genocide
First witness testifies in Rwanda genocide trial in Germany
Klaas Faber
Nazi convict escapes extradition to Netherlands
Mladic & Karadzic
Radovan Karadzic: the truth about Bosnia
Mladic leaves behind an emotional minefield
Dutchbat HQ
Mladic arrest revives Dutch angst over Srebrenica
Mladic's first appearance at ICTY
Mladic appears before UN court
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Karremans
Karremans ill-suited to command Srebrenica
Ratko Mladic
Mladic's army pension 'unblocked'
Nazispullen (Flickr / Marshall Astor)
The Netherlands says Germany should arrest and jail Nazi
Ratko Mladic
Mladic may delay plea to war crimes tribunal
Danish flag
Denmark can not try genocide abroad
UN to view Sri Lanka executions video
UN denounces Libya 'war crimes'
Victims of the Khmer Rouge
‘Red Wedding’ shows lasting scars of forced marriages under Khmer Rouge
Judges dismiss call to probe new Khmer Rouge case
NGOs want ICC's prosecutor's "preliminary analysis" on Syria
Scheveningen Prison Gate
Mladic out of hospital, in regular prison
Preah Vihear Temple
Cambodia Refuses To Withdraw International Court Request
Preah Vihear Temple Complex
Thailand 'to comply' with UN court ruling
Accused Polish soldiers were part of NATO's ISAF
Polish troops cleared over Afghan civilian deaths
Serge Brammertz, ICTY Prosecutor
Mladic indictment revised
Mladic: nothing to do with Srebrenica
Mladic denies Srebrenica role as thousands protest arrest
Bosnia and Croatia: after Mladic
Serbia braces for protests over Mladic arrest
Ratko Mladic
Mladic arrest: Bosnian sentiments
Boris Tadic
Serbia investigates; Mladic urges calm
Rwanda genocide suspect caught in Congo
Serge Brammertz
Brammertz: Ready for Mladic trial
Mladic in Tribunal's custody
Workers unearth remains from a mass grave in Rwanda
Rwanda genocide suspect guilty for US visa fraud
The entrance of the Scheveningen prison in The Hague
Mladic seen by doctor after arriving in The Hague
Sepp Blatter
FIFA – a law unto itself?
Mahinda Rajapakse
Sri Lanka leader defends troops on war crime
Preah Vihear Temple
Cambodia launches legal fight in UN's highest court
Ratko Mladic in his younger years
Mladic arrives in the Netherlands
Ocampo Six
ICC judges confirm Kenyan cases
Sandor Kepiro
Sandor Kepiro: one of the last Nazis to face justice
International Criminal Court
ICC wants Ivory Coast investigation
North African unrest shows failings of EU asylum policy
Q&A-Can EU aid and trade support change in North Africa?
Kenyan PM Odinga
Plan to try violence cases in Kenya "sinister" - PM
Dutch military helicopter
Flying into image trouble?
Tension in the Abyei region mounts
Khartoum warns of new Abyei flare-up
Bosnian Serb indicted over Srebrenica massacre
Charles Taylor at the SCSL
Taylor's lawyer calls the trial "politically motivated"
Guantanamo Bay
Guantanamo Bay - Obama's biggest failure?
Justice on the 2007-08 post-election violence in Kenya is still being negotiated
Kenya lobbies to delay “Ocampo Six” trial
Clashes in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Possible crimes against humanity in Ivory Coast: HRW
Victor Orban
Hungary will not accept diktats from Brussels - PM
Libya rebels
France - first shots in UN's Libya no-fly zone
Libyan policemen in Tripoli
Coalition forces launch Libya attacks
UN coalition violence in Libya
Whoops, Regime Change
UN Peacekeepers on patrol in Ivory Coast
UN warns deadly shelling of Ivorian market may be crime against humanity
Death toll rises in Ivory Coast
Death toll rises in Ivory Coast
Japan's stricken nuclear plant
Japan – the cost of keeping nuclear policy quiet
Police arrest nine war crime suspects in Kosovo
Police arrest nine war crime suspects in Kosovo
Biljana Plavsic and Radovan Karadzic in 1996
Karadzic's lawyer slams French conviction
Seselj - "you hate me immensely"
Ultra-nationalist Seselj demands acquittal by UN court
Jovan Divjak - extradition "unthinkable"
Bosnian Serb president slams Austrian minister over war suspect extradition
Vlastimir Djordjevic
Serbian police chief - 27 years for war crimes in Kosovo
Luis Moreno-Ocampo
Justice in the hands of Libyans: Moreno-Ocampo
Julian Assange
UK court agrees Assange extradition to Sweden
Muammar Gaddafi
Paris urges crimes against humanity investigation in Libya
Castro's beard
Castro without his beard
Fidel Castro
US about to order Libya invasion: Castro
De iure belli ac pacis
Library acquires rare first edition of Hugo Grotius
Sudanese fighters of the Justice and Equality Movement pictured in 2007
Sudan says Darfur rebels involved in Libyan protests
United Nations Security Council
UN: Security Council Refers Libya to ICC
Extra UN troops to Sudan's north south border
Surge in peacekeepers to Sudan
A Bosnian protestor holds up picture of retired General Jovan Divjak in front of
Austria detains ex-Bosnian general on Serb warrant
Protesters in support of Jovan Divjak in Sarajevo
Austria won't send Bosnia general to Serbia
UN investigates Zimbabwe arms sent to Ivory Coast
UN investigates Zimbabwe arms sent to Ivory Coast
International Criminal Court in The Hague
Ocampo: 'No impunity in Libya' - a new era
Tamil rebels in 2008
US warns Sri Lanka of war crimes probe
Violent clashes in Abidjan
Ivorian pro-Gbagbo groups rampage against foreigners
HRW: No mercenaries in eastern Libya
John Demjanjuk
Prosecutor seeks six years in German 'Nazi guard' trial
International Criminal Court
Malaysia joins the International Criminal Court
Space tourism
Spaced out holidays
Status of Croatia's EU entry talks
Status of Croatia's EU entry talks
Destruction in Gaza
US helped Israel contain UN Gaza war probes: report
International Criminal Court
ICC accused of 'exclusively' targeting Africans
The Caribbean
Whose fish is this?
Sri Lanka leader urges protests against UN report
Sri Lanka leader urges protests against UN report
Guantanamo Uighurs lose Supreme Court appeal
Guantanamo Uighurs lose Supreme Court appeal
UN Colombo
UN warns Sri Lanka to protect staff against protests
Omar al-Bashir
Bashir takes responsibility for Darfur conflict
Goodluck Jonathan
Nigeria leader says unrest recalls civil war build-up
ICC Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo
ICC prosecutor to seek up to five Libya warrants
International Court of Justice
ICJ: Ireland – 67th out of 192
ECJ: no prison cell for illegal immigrants
protests in Daraa
Syria cracks down, but will the UN?
Inside the ICJ
Cambodia appeals to World Court over border temple
Probe blames Kyrgyz leaders over unrest
Croatian generals convicted by ICTY
Croats protest against Hague conviction of generals
Ante Gotovina
The Hague: heavy sentences for Croatian Generals
International Criminal Court
ICC – what price justice?
ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo
Selling the idea of international justice
UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
UN Human Rights Council - political behemoth?
Death toll rises in Ivory Coast
UN slaps sanctions on Ivory Coast's Gbagbo
Libyan rebels looking for arms
Arming Libyan Rebels - How Legal Is It?
Ivory Coast
UN alarmed over heavy weapons use in Ivory Coast
Gao Zhisheng
U.N. rights body calls on China to release rights lawyer
Selling the idea of international justice
UN Security Council, clearly
UN Security Council resolutions – an evolving clarity
Alleged war crimes against Tamil Tigers
Sri Lanka rights panel hands report to UN chief
Richard Goldstone
US Senate asks UN to rescind Goldstone report
Laurent Gbagbo
US urges Ivory Coast to be transparent in Gbagbo legal case
De Peruaanse hoofdstad Lima
Fugitive ex-minister under Peru's Fujimori surrenders
European Court of Human Rights
European Human Rights Convention still relevant
Avril McDonald
In Memoriam: Dr. Avril Jane McDonald (5 July 1965 -13 April 2010)
Bosnian War Crimes Chamber
Two US citizens arrested over Bosnian war crimes
Gaddafi's daughter files 'war crimes' lawsuit against NATO
Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci - accused of conspiracy
New task force to probe Kosovo organ trafficking allegations
Bashar al-Assad
Syria: Is Now the Right Time for Bashar al-Assad to Face Justice?
Nicholas Koumjian(l) International Reserve Co-Prosecutor at the ECCC, 2 Feb 2009
US war crimes prosecutor ‘assessing’ ICT
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)
Lebanon reports back to tribunal on Hariri probe
Rafiq Hariri
Hariri tribunal head urges suspects to appear
French soldiers guarding the Mitrovica checkpoint in North Kosovo
Kosovo, Serbia, NATO Reach Border Agreement
Syrian flag
UN Security Council Syria statement ‘completely inadequate’
Cambodia genocide
Wikileaks: UN discussed dropping #003
DR Congo
UN: better justice for DRC
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast charges 12 more allies of ex-leader Gbagbo
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Women US senators press Clinton on Myanmar rapes
Luis Moreno Ocampo, ICC Chief Prosecutor
Syria: ICC - sorry, no jurisdiction
Syrian flag
Syria: UN - first 'predictable' steps
Special Tribunal for Lebanon
Hariri suspect says Lebanon can't arrest him
Rafiq Hariri
Three other Lebanese attacks linked to Hariri murder
Manchester United
Man United to list on Singapore Stock Exchange
Mr. Sampthan (Leader of Tamil National Alliance -TNA)
Sri Lanka's main Tamil party threatens reconciliation talks walkout
ICTY in The Hague
ICTY: a historic re-trial, with complications
French businessman pays Belgian face veil fines
Tamil Tigers
Sri Lanka releases 'war crime' rebuttal video
Goran Hadzic
Hadzic:no plea to war crimes charges
European flag
New law to ease EU debt collection
Syrian flag
French rights groups to file suit against Assad
Flag of Canada
Canada nabs Peruvian on suspicion of war crimes
New sports law: an end to corruption?
Jean-Pierre Bemba
War crimes accused declares DR Congo poll candidacy
Goran Hadzic
Hadzic arrest closes chapter on list of wanted men
Serbian war crimes suspect Goran Hadzic
Last war crimes suspect Goran Hadzic before UN court
Wanted poster for Ratko Mladic
UN war crimes court assigns Mladic new lawyer
Map of Sudan
International presence 'urgently needed' in Sudan state
Taiwanese flag
Public to join judges' bench in Taiwan reforms
Sri Lanka war
Sri Lanka admits civilian deaths in separatist war
Sri Lanka
Human Rights Watch: Sri Lankan war report is a whitewash
Sarajevo war crimes court
Parcel bomb found in Bosnia court mail
Flag of Canada
Canada deports Peruvian suspected of war crimes
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)
Lebanon tribunal releases indictment details
Ballots not bullets?
Sri Lanka: Picking up the Tamil Tigers’ scent
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
Khmer Rouge Trial Judge Defends Tribunal
Thousands of Tamil refugees live in camps
Sri Lanka rejects new war crimes charge
Bangladesh: violent birth
Defence withdraws from Bangladesh war court
United Nations building
Update: UN to investigate Syria for crimes against humanity
Judges in wigs
Hair today, gone tomorrow
Prince Johnson
Liberia: ex-warlord boosts Sirleaf's re-election
Serge Brammertz, ICTY Prosecutor
Mladic - prosecutor defeating the purpose?
Sudanese President Omar al Bashir
Hague court questions Bashir's visit to Malawi
Mladic - on trial forever?
Mladic and ICTY - till death do them part?
Bush & Gorbachov
Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest Bush
UN human rights chief Navi Pillay
Journalism - one of the world’s most dangerous professions
The Moluccas (light green)
Raised eyebrows over leaked Dutch memo
President Bashir
Bashir due at Malawi summit, despite war crimes warrant
A mock flyer advertising the re-enactment of a mid-19th century slave auction January 15, in the US city of St. Louis, Missouri. A former hospital director who forced an African woman to work 18 hours a day became the first person in Britain to be convicted of "modern-day slavery."
Domestic servitude – an international crime?
US Supreme Court to hear Nigeria-Shell rights case
Skulls of victims of the killing fields
Legal ruling spotlights serious Khmer Rouge court problems
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
Khmer Rouge: Ieng Sary will not testify
Tamil Tiger 5 – a case of irony and disappointment
Ieng Thirith
Khmer Rouge female suspect unfit for trial: lawyer
Paleis Justitie, The Hague
LIVE blog: Dutch Tamil Tiger 5 verdict
Khmer Rouge Victims
Cambodia: UN visit ends without decision
Muammar Gaddafi
Gaddafi - another fallen dictator
Tzipi Livni
Israel's Livni in Britain after war crimes law change
Kosovo organ trafficking case is major test for EU mission
Sri Lanka has lifted emergency laws
Sri Lankan emergency laws lifted
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
Key Kosovo witness: 'guilty' to contempt of court
William Ruto
Ruto: My innocence will be revealed
International Criminal Court (ICC)
Kenyan ICC suspects back at The Hague
Ratko Mladic
Mladic: 2 pre-trial plans?
UNHCR calls for help for 12 mn stateless people
Thomans Lubanga Dyilo at the International Criminal Court (ICC)
Congolese militiaman's trial milestone for ICC
International Criminal Court (ICC)
Grenada joins world crimes court club
Goran Hadzic
Hadzic: 'not guilty' of Vukovar war crimes
Kenyans march in post-election protest
Kenya: nomads in Prison
Lobsang Sangay is the new leader of Tibet's government in exile
Tibet v. China – a middle way?
Sander Kepiro
Hungarian Nazi war crimes suspect Kepiro dies
Bangladesh charges first suspect over 1971 war
UN: Bolivia convictions 'healthy trend'
Muammar Gaddafi
Gaddafi: trial by Libyans?
Cambodia genocide
KRouge court takes action against US news service
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
Cambodia: ECCC wraps up fitness hearing
Sri Lanka war
Sri Lanka to free 1,200 rebels as emergency ends
Sander Kepiro
Prosecutor appeals acquittal in Hungary war crimes trial
Free press in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka’s white vans deliver fear and oppression
German prosecutors investigate Gadaffi
UNSG Ban Ki-Moon
Ban gets new term in 'most impossible job on Earth'
Bahn refugee camp, 50km from the Liberia/Ivory Coast border
Ivory Coast: in denial
Luis Moreno Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor ICC
ICC prosecutor seeks to open Ivory Coast probe
Laurent Gbagbo
Corruption probe for Ivory Coast's Gbagbo may last 2 years
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
Q+A-Row casts cloud over Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal
Human Rights Council in Geneva
Negotiations for reconciliation commission & special tribunal to resume in Burundi
Mahinda Rajapakse, President van Sri Lanka (ANP/EPA)
Sri Lanka president rejects US court summons
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania
Former Interahamwe Militia Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Genocide
International Criminal Court (ICC)
ICC: Ocampo seeking Ivory Coast war crimes suspects
Tunisian flag (Flickr/slevenback)
Tunisia - ICC member #116
Luis Moreno Ocampo
ICC issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi
Omar al Bashir
Sudan president's arrival in China delayed
Summit African Union
African Union: Press Senegal to Extradite Habré
Moammar Gaddafi
ICC: Gaddafi in The Hague?
Khieu Samphan during a Trial Chamber hearing on 31 Jan 2011
Cambodian court opens landmark Khmer Rouge trial
International Criminal Court (ICC)
ICC judges to rule on Gaddafi arrest warrant
Post-election Violence in Ivory Coast
15 Gbagbo associates charged with crimes in Ivory Coast
Preah Vihear Temple
Thailand quits heritage body amid temple row
Ivory Coast
ICC asks victims of Ivory Coast poll to come forward
The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague
ICTY: last war crimes fugitive, Goran Hadzic, will face trial
Lady Justice
Rule of law index finds faults in China, Russia, US
Sudan's President Bashir
Amnesty urges Malaysia to arrest Sudan's Bashir
Nyaro - village of the Nuba
Ethnic cleansing of Nuba people in Sudan: report
EU Flag
EU in Kosovo says Turk, Israeli trafficked organs
Croatia's green light to join EU raises hopes in Balkans
Ratko Mladic
Mladic lawyer wants more time
Madeleine Albright in The Hague
The Hague: Albright crowns city with new peace institute
Cambodia-Thailand disputed border
Two countries, one temple, a border and the ICJ
ICC in The Hague
ICC witnesses can seek asylum in the Netherlands
Bernard Munyagishari
Bernard Munyagishari Transferred to Arusha
UN denies halting Khmer Rouge investigation
Hundreds of thousands of civilians were displaced during Sri Lanka's civil war
Tamils set for UK deportation following suicide attempt
Skulls at Choeung Ek Memorial, (AKA "The Killing Fields") outside of Phnom Penh,
Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal in crisis
The Ocampo Six
Disagreement over proposals to hold ICC hearings in Kenya
Flag of China
China to expand ties with Sudan during Bashir trip
Post-election crisis Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast launches probe into election conflict crimes
The city of Colombo is crowded with military
Sri Lanka to take action if war crimes claims true
Jeremy Ractliffe
Mandela charity ex-boss cleared over 'blood diamonds'
Abu Ghraib interrogation room
US opens grand jury on CIA detainee's death
Gaddafi need not fear the ICC
Michiel Pestman (l) and Victor Koppe (r)
Dutch lawyers in Cambodian mega-trial
Portrait of Chadian ex-dictator Hissene Habre, taken in 1987.
Chad's Habre willing to appear before international court
Map of Rwanda
Background ICTR
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as of 1 January 1991
Background ICTY
International Criminal Court
Background ICC
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Five go on trial at Special Court for Sierra Leone for contempt
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
Last war crimes fugitive will soon be arrested
Money for Justice
Buying Justice: The Supply, Demand and Cost of ICC Justice
Demonstration by familymembers of victims of the Las Dos Erres Massacre
US deports ex-Guatemalan soldier linked to massacre
Rebels wave a Kingdom of Libya flag
Libya accuses NATO of 'war crimes'
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Background ECCC
Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Background SCSL
Sandor Kepiro
Nazi war crime suspect Kepiro, 97, cleared by court
Sri Lanka war
Think tank: Sri Lanka far from true peace
Sri Lanka war
Think tank: Sri Lanka far from true peace
International Criminal Law - From Justice to Oppression
Australia police to assess Myanmar war crime claim
Special Tribunal for Lebanon
Background STL
The International Court of Justice
Background ICJ
Ensuring justice through ICC can help deter future atrocities
Ban Ki-moon
UN chief: accountability for Srebrenica genocide
Kosovo thanks for support for independence
Kosovo moves towards ending protectorate status
The United Nations Security Council
UN calls for arrest of war crimes fugitive Hadzic
Special member state territories and the EU
Memorial to the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri and his bodyguards w
STL delegation meets Lebanon prosecutor
The chairman of the African Union (AU) Commission Jean Ping
Gaddafi warrant complicates peace effort: African Union
Fatou Bensouda, deputy prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC)
ICC says protecting Africans, not targeting them
Deputy Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda
Ivory Coast signs ICC accord, pledges no impunity
28 June 2011: Nuon Chea during the second day of the Case 002 Initial Hearing
Defiant Khmer Rouge genocide suspect walks out of trial
Finally: legal aid for war victims
Balthasar Garzon
Crusading Spanish judge appointed to anti-torture body
Rafik Hariri
Interpol issues warrants for Hariri killing suspects
Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine
Lebanon, Israel at odds on sea border, gas rights
De jaarlijkse herdenking van de massamoord in Srebrenica op 11 juli
Srebrenica massacre: 21 prosecuted before ICTY
Monument to the Srebrenica Massacre
Bosnians march in memory of Srebrenica massacre
European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
ECHR: Iraq abuse - UK human rights failure
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
Serbian nationalist Seselj pleads not guilty to contempt charges
The Arctic Sea ice
Russia to submit UN Arctic claim next year
Serbian President Boris Tadic
Serbia's Tadic wants trials of all war criminals

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