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Saturday 20 December  

Article: Rwanda: genocide ideology laws face judicial review

Rwandan opposition politician, Victoire Ingabire, wins a partial victory in the first round in her fight against the country’s laws governing genocide ideology. By International justice desk, Hilversum High Court judges in Rwanda...

Article: Castro without his beard

Cuba without political prisoners. It sounds like Castro without his beard. Still, it's almost upon us. Moreover, Cuba has lifted its blockade of dissident internet blogs. So, have the Castros seen the light of democracy? Exactly one year...

Article: Dutch PM tweets Aung San Suu Kyi on her release

Asked by Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and other Dutch public figures have sent the Burmese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi the following tweets on her release. One of the first things she said she...

Article: Suu Kyi will refuse to vote in Myanmar election

Detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will refuse to vote in Myanmar's widely criticised election, the first in the military-ruled country in 20 years, her lawyer said Tuesday. The Nobel Peace Prize winner has been informed by the...

Article: Harsh conditions for Uyghur political prisoners

Uyghur journalist Gheyret Niyaz was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week by the Chinese government, because he spoke to foreign journalists during the unrest last year. By Agnes Chen The harsh sentencing illustrates the human...

Article: Lebanon hosts summit of Arab leaders to defuse tensions

Lebanon hosts a rare summit of regional leaders on Friday, aimed at defusing tensions over reports of an impending indictment against Hezbollah members for the murder of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri. The meeting between Lebanese President...

Article: The road to freedom for Cuban political prisoners

The Cuban government has announced the release of 52 political prisoners, beginning Thursday. The agreement was announced after a meeting between Cuban leader Raul Castro, Spanish EU-representative Miguel Moratinos and the Cuban cardinal...

Article: Cuba: a story of horrible prison conditions

Cuban dissident Darsi Ferrer has been released from the Havana prison where he been held for almost a year. Cuban authorities conditionally released Ferrer after a visit from Vatican Foreign Minister Dominque Mamberti last week.

US condemns Syria for jailing human rights lawyer
United States of America United States of America Article: US condemns Syria for jailing human rights lawyer

Article: US condemns Syria for jailing human rights lawyer

The United States on Thursday condemned Syria for jailing an award-winning Syrian human rights lawyer and urged Damascus to release him as well as other Syrian activists.

Article: Tibetan environmentalist jailed for 15 years

A prominent Tibetan environmentalist who said he was "brutally tortured" in custody has been jailed for 15 years on tomb-robbing charges that were dropped years ago, his lawyer said Friday.