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Sunday 21 December  
Cambodia Cambodia Article: Trial 000

Article: Trial 000

More than six months into the first—and likely only—trial of three senior Khmer Rouge leaders, proceedings still seem to be creeping along, with only 18 witnesses heard by the Trial Chamber since December. By Julia Wallace,...

Article: Khmer Rouge suspect's rights at risk: Amnesty

A refusal by Cambodia's UN-backed court to appoint a defence lawyer in a politically sensitive new Khmer Rouge case has "severely compromised" the suspect's rights, Amnesty International has said. [related-articles]The London-...

Article: Khmer Rouge trial suspended as accused falls ill

Judges at Cambodia's Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal suspended proceedings on Monday as the oldest of the three former regime leaders on trial remained in hospital suffering from bronchitis. Ieng Sary, 86, was rushed to hospital with...

Article: ECCC: judge says staff interfered with justice

A judge at Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal on Friday accused several colleagues of interfering with controversial investigations into new cases, in a parting blow before leaving the country. Swiss judge Laurent Kasper-Ansermet, who rocked...

Article: Email gaffe stirs calls for Cambodia Khmer Rouge judge to go

A judge in Cambodia's Khmer Rouge war crimes trial should be disqualified, defence teams said Wednesday, after a misfired email stirred accusations she had "inappropriate" access to a prosecutor. Judge Silvia Cartwright and...

Article: Top Khmer Rouge accused denies role in torture prison

 A Khmer Rouge leader on trial for crimes against humanity on Wednesday rejected claims from the regime's chief jailer as "untruthful", denying he was ever in charge of a torture prison. "Brother Number Two" Nuon...

Comrade Duch
Cambodia Cambodia Article: Same Duch, new jacket

Article: Same Duch, new jacket

He has greyer hair and fewer teeth than he did during his own trial three years ago, but Comrade Duch’s personality seems little changed. He manages to be both supercilious and obsequious as he testifies in the Khmer Rouge tribunal...

Article: From Phnom Penh with Love

In retrospect, the tenure of Swiss investigating judge Laurent Kasper-Ansermet at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) was headed for a crash-landing as soon as it took off. He arrived here as a marked man,...

Article: Judge’s resignation rocks Khmer Rouge court

A Swiss investigating judge has resigned in frustration from the Khmer Rouge tribunal, stating that his Cambodian counterpart is opposed to investigations into two controversial cases that will take the court beyond its current caseload...

Article: Embattled Khmer Rouge court seeks further funding

As hearings resumed this week in the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s second case against three elderly former regime leaders, the latest budget proposal projected that the court expects to continue its work until 2018. By Mary Kozlovski in...