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Saturday 20 December  
Slobodan Milosevic
International Justice Desk's picture
The Hague, Netherlands
The Hague, Netherlands

Milosevic listened to Sinatra, read thrillers in jail: cable

Published on : 4 February 2011 - 5:02pm | By International Justice Desk (IJT 122)
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The former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic listened to Frank Sinatra and read trashy legal thrillers while in a UN jail during his trial for war crimes, a leaked US diplomatic cable showed on Friday.

The cable, released by Wikileaks, gives a unique insight into Milosevic's life in prison in The Hague, where he died in 2006 before his trial could be completed.

The American embassy in The Hague sent the cable in November 2003, when Milosevic's mammoth trial before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was in its second year, after a diplomat spoke to the head of the court's detention unit, Tim McFadden.

McFadden interacted with Milosevic on a daily basis, and had access to the content of his monitored calls with family and friends and the former president's medical records, the cable noted.

"He is an avid reader, especially of 'rubbish' and potboiler thrillers like (John) Grisham, and he prefers to read in the original English," the cable quoted Tim McFadden as saying.

"On days when he is not in court, he may sleep later... have additional exercise time, attend 'creativity class', visit with his legal associates, have an afternoon nap, listen to Sinatra discs, and perhaps watch one of the DVDs that a privileged visitor have smuggled in to him," it said.

McFadden said Slobodan Milosevic called his wife Mira Markovic every day, describing the "extraordinary relationship" between the former President and the woman often dubbed the Lady MacBeth of the Balkans.

"Milosevic could manipulate a nation (McFadden) said but struggled to manage his wife, who on the contrary, seemed to exert such a pull on him," the cable said.

Milosevic struggled with heart problems and hypertension throughout his trial on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity for his alleged masterminding of the bloody wars that broke up the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The cable focuses a great deal on Milosevic's health and the threat it posed to the continuation of his trial, concluding that his heart trouble was manageable "but serious and not readily controlled by medication".

He died suddenly on March 14, 2006 before his trial was concluded, of a heart attack.

McFadden decribed Milosevic as a "narcissistic" person who believed he was "surrounded by fools" inside the courtroom and out. But the former President believed he had the upper hand in his trial.

"Milosevic believes strongly in his own powers and thinks he is 'winning' in the courtroom, an attitude that reinforces his current stable health," the cable said.

However American diplomats also raised the possibility that Milosevic's health could take a turn for the worse.

"Even with his health stabilised, the impact of the move to the defence phase (of the trial) will cause further pressures of a financial and legal nature which could in turn trigger a downturn in his health," the cable said.

"For now, however, Milosevic remains comfortably on top of his game," it concluded.

Source: AFP


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SANEO 5 February 2011 - 8:53pm / Canada

He was the one that opened Pandora box of the Balkan ethnic groups -the ultra primitive and militant nationalism. He was the one that destroyed lives of average families and decent intellectuals by nullifying to some point normal economies, and to some extent existing trust and civil norms in social life. He was the one who promoted & supported the worst of human material - the underground characters with washed biographies into the owners of all kinds of wealth in Serbia and many too many off shore places. He was the one who with key help of political secret services killed so many including my father.

He was the one who created atmosphere of terror, crime and insecurity that pushed out many across the borders into emigration, certainly those with a natural wish for minimum personal freedom and normality in life & those with valid market skills, and individual thinking talents depriving even more already sub-standard mental picture in Serbia. He is the one that has opened a door for youngsters to believe that cheap entertainment, sport wars’ and belonging to the right groups/gangs/parties is the only way to prosperous life.

He and his cronies made money on all imaginable illegal trades: from weapons to radioactive materials from money laundry for Chinese mafia to cigarette smuggling into EU. His security forces consisting of criminal gangs transformed into phalanges & para-militaries were emptying towns and villages across the Balkans: all started with looting my hometown Vukovar in Croatia, in Bosnia for several hours they have ‘collected’ all personal belongings in small towns sending convoys to Serbia, and even faster in Kosovo brutalizing & killing civilians along the way. He was the one that ‘converted’ profit oriented members of the academy of science and Serb orthodox church into mad dogs & loud speakers of his sick politics.

He is from hills in Montenegro bordering with Albania like ALL with economic and political wealth in Serbia. He created huge monopolies for them to get richer weak by weak, year by year and are the effective pillars of Serbian crime economy today. He destroyed any meaning of intellectual creativity and innovative clusters stealing intellectual property. All belongs to his local Montenegro ethnic gangs in Belgrade who rule the country practically since WWII.

Serbia trusted him, loved him and voted many times for him (election frauds were just in few occasions). As result, ACCORRDING CAUSE/EFFECT PRINCIPLE, Serbia got what it deserves: no smile and no trust – a PERMANENT state of hopelessness today. Serbia is social cancer place and miserable hole with hyena type of tycoon fascist, consumer, ‘no production-no invention’, import economy. In gross majority, citizens of Serbia do not understand human rights, concept of freedom, and social capitalism. They have inkling towards all kind of social, street & four walls prostitution. CORRUPTION present in all pores of society IS THE NAME OF THE GAME.
Those who live in Serbia hate their ‘ENEMIES’ – all those prosperous and intellectually potent from abroad, those that were willing and still are to help them to reach some democracy levels and root out the lethal legacy of Milosevic. However, those who betrayed them and put them down so many times in a history –Kremlin they love. Unfortunately, and very detrimental for their own destiny they are only capable to push fingers in the wrong eyes and lament over being a victims. They recycle over and over again conspiracy theories in small groups and own alcoholic mists hoping for another round of retribution.

Milosevic with his Montenegro gangs have stolen the future of Serbia and I am free to say small neighboring countries

But he was just a tool in hands of an absolute devil – his beloved wife Mira

Be aware of post Milosevic Serbia and the his and the 'spirit' of his Mira hovering over it!!!

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