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Thursday 23 October  
Sophie van Leeuwen's picture

My Ivory Coast

Published on : 15 May 2013 - 11:18am | By Sophie van Leeuwen (Screenshot: RNW)
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The war in Ivory Coast not only caused destruction and division, it also produced beautiful things. Like this song, My Ivory Coast, performed by Dobet Gnahoré and Manou Gallo.

In this video, Ivorian singer Dobet Gnahoré recalls her memories of the conflict and expresses her hopes for the future of her country.  

here to watch the entire video clip.
This video is part of the Africa Desk's French-language platform to discuss the Gbagbo case.


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augusto 4 October 2014 - 4:20am

Ivory Coast is a prosperous country that was crushed by the civil war. During some time, the Ivory Coast is the most stable and the most prosperous country in Africa from the agricultural and plantation sectors, especially chocolate.
Seeds of conflict began to arise when President Felix Houphouet-Boigny death, world cocoa prices fall, rampant corruption and a military coup led by General Robert Guei.
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That High court decision is the beginning of a bloody conflict and civil war between supporters of Outtara and Gbagbo (winner of the election at that time). In addition, supported by dissatisfaction General Guei followers who lost power after the elections.
Moreover, also because of dissatisfaction of the northern region - the majority are non-indigenous people - who feel discriminated against by the government.

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