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Thursday 18 December  


Sandesh Bhugaloo (1975) is a video producer at the Africa Desk at Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW). 

At the age of 25, he left his native island, Mauritius, to go study photography in South Africa. He fell in love with the country, where he spent 6 years working as a photographer, cameraman and graphic designer for various NGO's and production companies. His work took him from the shores of Cape Town to as far north as the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

In 2007, he moved to the Netherlands to live with the love of his life. New continent, new country, new people, new language... new life. He shares his Dutch experience in a book, entitled Hollandse Nieuwe, he co-wrote with his wife. Sandesh takes the reader behind the scene of the controversial Inburgeringscursus (Dutch Integration course). 

With no formal education in journalism, it is his passion for people and their stories that drives him everyday to keep learning the trade.