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Sunday 21 December  
Matthew Herbert

Earth Beat - The Whole Hog

On air: 13 July 2012 3:00 (Photo: Socrates Mitsios/Accidental Records Ltd)

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Earth Beat, 13 July 2012. A glutton’s delight! We’ve got manna from heaven, or at least, food from rooftops. We have a composer who’s made music from a pig and a nose-to-tail chef who will make something delicious from the rest of it. Moving to undelicious, how does raw pickled songbird grab you? We unwrap a Cypriot delicacy that is threatening a species.

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Jamie Bissonnette
Jamie Bissonnette
The whole hog - listen in new player

Chef Jamie Bissonnette has never done things by half measures.

From being a vegan punk rocker in his teens, he’s now renowned for his meat dishes in his two Boston restaurants, Coppa and Toro, where every part of the animal is used.

He talks to host Marnie Chesterton about his passion for a whole carcass.



Food from the Sky, London
Food from the Sky, London
Food from the Sky - listen in new player

What do you get when you cross a woman with a vision for rooftop fruit and vegetable gardens, and a man who owns a supermarket with 450 square metres of flat roof?

A rooftop garden in London that sells what it grows in the supermarket below. Sells out, that is.

We hear from visionary Azul-Valerie Thome, and some of the garden’s volunteers. View photos.

More: Food from the Sky.

Martin Crawford
Martin Crawford
Is it a forest, or is it a garden? - listen in new player

What better to do with three acres (apart from sell it and make millions and retire massively prematurely) than to create what our next guest has spent the past two decades doing – building up a forest garden.

Earth Beat producer Anik See went all the way to Devon in England to walk around with Martin Crawford from the Agroforesty Research Trust. View photos.

More: Martin is the author of Creating a Forest Garden.


A bird trapped on a lime stick
A bird trapped on a lime stick
The whole bird - listen in new player

Millions of tiny migrating birds fly over Cyprus every year.

Ten of thousands of them are trapped in large nets and eaten whole as an island delicacy, called ambelopoulia.

It’s been illegal since the early 1970s, but as Earth Beat producer Fiona Campbell found out, that hasn’t stopped its popularity from waning. View photos.

More: Birdlife Cyprus.


Playing a pig - listen in new player

Musician Matthew Herbert is well-known for producing thought-provoking music and his latest album One Pig is no exception.

He tells Marnie how he sampled sounds of a pig’s journey from pigsty to the plate, hoping to get people to think about food consumption and bigger questions of life and death.

  • These flowers are grown solely to attract bees to the rooftop garden<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • Lettuces used to create the salad mix sold in the supermarket below<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • Greenhouse made with plastic bottles which are used to irrigate the plants inside<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • Food from the Sky sell out again<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • The forest garden at Dartington looks chaotic but everything is planned<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • The forest garden at Dartington looks chaotic but everything is planned<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • Palm tree in the forest garden<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • Redcurrant bushes in the forest garden<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • Bamboo, edible when young<br>&copy; Anik See -
  • A bird is trapped in a mist net on the Turkish Cypriot border<br>&copy; Tassos Shialis -
  • Mist nets are very fine nets that can be up to 30 metres long<br>&copy; Tassos Shialis -
  • Sap from this Syrian plum tree is mixed with honey and chemicals to make the birdlime<br>&copy; Tassos Shialis -
  • (from left) Tassos Shialis and Martin Hellicar, from Birdlife Cyprus<br>&copy; Fiona Campbell -


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