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Sunday 21 December  

Global Perspective - Who says I can't squat?!

On air: 28 March 2011 12:45 (Photo: Dheera Sujan)

More about:

Sanne, Tom and Bo are young and idealistic. And like many of their friends and contemporaries, they can’t afford a home at current Amsterdam prices, so they followed a time honoured Dutch tradition: they found an empty apartment building and with a group of friends, they moved in, fixed it up and claimed it as their own.

Squatters – or krakers, as they’re known – have been a well established feature of Dutch life for decades. They occupied the peculiar Dutch space known as the ‘semi-legal’. A squatter just had to prove that a building had been empty for a year, then move in and call the police to make their claim official.

However, in October 2010, a new anti-squat law came into being that aims to get squatters out of Dutch cities once and for all. For the authorities it’s high time that squatters started paying rents and mortgages like everyone else. But the squatters themselves feel that they’re fighting for more than just their homes: they believe that squatting is a lifestyle choice and a philosophy. And they’re not about to let it go that easily.

  • Bo with his newly-built kitchen.<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
  • Sanne and the shower at her squat.<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
  • Squatters fixing up their newly claimed squat.<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
  • Squatters in their communal kitchen.<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
  • Basement of a central Amsterdam squat.<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
  • The exhibition space at Schijnheilig.<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
  • Frank van Dalen<br>&copy; Photo: Dheera Sujan -
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Steve Audut 30 June 2011 - 6:05pm / Canada

Would you post who provided the music for the documentary (who says I can't squat). Thanks.

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