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Friday 19 December  
In The Matter Of Cha Jung Hee

The State We're In - Who Do You Think You Are?

On air: 14 July 2012 2:00 (Photo: MU Films)

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The State We're In, 14 July 2012. A Korean woman raised in the US finds out she isn’t who she thought she was. An adopted man in the UK decides never to find out who his biological father is. And a man in Palestine discovers that he may have been switched at birth with another baby.

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Deann Borshay Liem looks at a picture of Cha Jung Hee
Deann Borshay Liem looks at a picture of Cha Jung Hee
Your name again? - listen in new player

Just after the Korean War, Cha Jung Hee was adopted by an American family. But deep down, she knew that wasn’t her real name.

She tried to ignore it and did for years – until she came across some photographs of another "Cha Jung Hee".

When she found out that wasn’t who she really was, Deann Borshay Liem travelled to Korea to find out the truth.

She tells host Jonathan Groubert what she discovered – and why it still influences her life now. View photos.

Deann Borshay Liem is a documentary filmmaker (In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee and First Person Plural).

Help support her current film, Geographies of Kinship - The Korean Adoption Story at Kickstarter.

Steven Gauge
Steven Gauge
Essay: My real dad - listen in new player

Steven Gauge has two fathers, but only one who matters – the man who raised him. 

Unlike many adoptees, he’s just not interested in knowing anything about his biological father because he believes what makes a real dad is shared experience, not shared DNA. View photos.

Steven blogs at Gauge opinion.



Ahmed Masoud (centre) with family and friends
Ahmed Masoud (centre) with family and friends
Switched at birth - listen in new player

Ahmed Masoud was a teenager when he learned that he may have been switched at birth – and that his father may have taken the wrong baby home from the hospital. Did he? View photos.

  • Arnold and Alveen Borshay (courtesy of the Borshay family)<br>&copy; MU Films -
  • Deann&#039;s first night in the United States, 1966<br>&copy; MU Films -
  • Deann settles into family life in the US<br>&copy; MU Films -
  • Cha Jung Hee documents and photos from orphanage<br>&copy; MU Films -
  • Cha Jung Hee documents and photos from orphanage<br>&copy; MU Films -
  • The real Cha Jung Hee<br>&copy; MU Films -
  • Steven with his mum and dad at their wedding at a registry office in Sutton, Surrey, 1973<br>&copy; Steven Gauge -
  • (L-R) Steven&#039;s nan (Alice Savage), Steven, his sister Jenny in the pushchair, his other sister Chris, his mum (Pat Gauge) and dad (Geoff Gauge) at the seaside<br>&copy; Steven Gauge -
  • With his dad after graduating from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University where he got a degree in Psychology in 1988<br>&copy; Steven Gauge -
  • Steven Gauge with his dad just before his wedding to Sue in 1991<br>&copy; Steven Gauge -
  • Ahmed Masoud (second from left) with family and friends<br>&copy; Ahmed Masoud -

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