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Friday 19 December  

- Who are the Latent Dutch and why are some of them not allowed to live in Holland?

On air: 7 December 2009 9:30 - 11 December 2009 13:30

More about:

Curious Orange - 7 December 2009:

  • They speak Dutch, they look Dutch, often they even think Dutch. But many of those Latent Dutch are not allowed to live in Holland.
  • Sex tourists visiting Amsterdam might need to keep their clothes on. Those lenient Dutch prostitution laws could be changing.
  • Winter is near and hardcore Dutch men and women are hoping for the magical 11 city skating tour. We talk about the movie of that event: the hell of 1963.
  • And we'll listen to music by C-mon and Kipski.

Photo: Flickr/Robert Voors


sdfwe 8 September 2014 - 4:27am

The eu reckons that adding estrogen in cows harmful to human body, so stick to import milk powder from Australia not raw material, of course

Anonymous 28 December 2009 - 1:05pm / uk

This is ridiculous that someone from Dutch parents or grandparents can't move back to the Netherlands. But every year the Netherlands allows thousands of asylum seekers to come and live in the Netherlands and some of them don't even want to integrate into Dutch society.

At least the people with Dutch ancestry, speak Dutch, integrate well and don't cause problems like the rest of asylum seekers that bring their own religion and believes to the Netherlands.

Italy allows people with Italian great grandparents to become Italian again. Even Britain allows people with British grandparents to become British again but in Holland it seems if you are non-Dutch, speak no Dutch then you are welcome to stay!

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