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Saturday 20 December  
Shirin Juwaley before and after her acid attack

South Asia Wired - Trial by fire: Shirin Juwaley acid attack survivor

On air: 24 August 2011 14:05 (Gayatri Parameswaran)

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In the summer of 2011, an Iranian man about to be blinded in hospital was forgiven by his victim – the young woman he’d blinded with acid. It begs the question - what would we do if we were in the same position.

In August 2011, South Asia Wired featured the deeply moving story of Shirin Juwaley, who was only 24 when her husband threw acid on her face, chest and arms.

Thirteen years and 16 surgeries later, Shirin’s journey provides us with one inspirational thought: that while some of us can be broken by life’s tragedies and others can choose to feel victimized by them, some of us – the best of us – can go through that fire, and come out if not undamaged, then at least forged into a stronger, nobler metal that we were made of before.

Shirin Juwaley's NGO for burns suvivors is called Palash Foundation

Since this article was written, Shirin Juwaley entered a post on her blog about a Mumbai college principal who refused her entry to the college because she didn't want her students to get frightened at the sight of her.  I have written an open letter to the principal in response.  You can read it on South Asia Wired's Dheera Sujan's blog

Listen to the programme here:


This story was originally published on 24 August 2011.


filin 7 October 2013 - 11:02am

I believe that Shirin Juwaley should be recommended for the bravery award, not for showing courage in the face of certain death and saving lives, but for showing love for oneself and thus braving the entire world. She should be made a heroin foe every girl, for the charisma and courage. 

Thom B 3 September 2012 - 8:11am / USA

Shirin Juwaley is a much stronger and better person than I will ever be.

Acid attacks and Wife Burning are horrible and disgraceful crimes against women ! You are doing the right thing by telling the World about these shameful practices. You need to make everyone in the World aware and try to get Western Countries to try to help. In future articles, maybe you can suggest ways for people to help.

Keep up the Great Work.

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