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Saturday 20 December  
Three local youngsters somersault into the Lake Lucerne to cool off from summer-

Earth Beat - Summer

On air: 22 June 2012 3:00 (Photo: EPA/URS FLUEELER)

More about:

Earth Beat, 22 June 2012. Summertime. And the living is easy. Or is it? From summer depression and turning your backyard garden into a farm to scanning the horizon for forest fires, we take a look at the hard work that revolves around warmer weather.

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Dr John Sharp
Dr John Sharp
Summer blues - listen in new player

Dr John Sharp has spent many a glorious summer on the island of Nantucket off the east coast of the US.

He has delightful memories of gentle breezes, isolated coves and evening cocktails.

But it’s not all summer fun and frolics. He can also be a terrible summer grouch and it turns out he’s not the only one.

More: Dr Sharp is the author of The Emotional Calendar.


Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Summer splashing - listen in new player

One of the joys of the warmer weather is cooling down by running into the sea, jumping into a deep pool or even gingerly popping in a toe or two.

Paul Clark lives in the Yorkshire Dales in England and when the summer comes, he’ll be found finding any opportunity to take the plunge.

He found it was also the perfect way to concentrate his mind. View photos.


Manny Howard
Manny Howard
My empire of dirt - listen in new player

Summer brings idealistic visions of lush gardens, bulging with fresh produce. Red tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, crunchy radishes… but what if the project gets out of control?

That was the dilemma that faced Lisa Howard, who came home one day to find her husband Manny had decided to turn their garden – in Brooklyn, New York – into a miniature farm. Host Marnie Chesterton talks to the couple about how the project affected them. View photos.

More: Manny Howard gives a video tour of his backyard farm in Brooklyn for New York Magazine.

Philip Connors
Philip Connors
Looking for fire - listen in new player

Every year, all around the world, wildfires seem to be part of the landscape of summer.

Philip Connors works in a fire tower on a 10,000 foot high peak in southern New Mexico, looking out over nearly one million acres of roadless wilderness.

And each summer, that million acres gets hit by lightning more than 30,000 times. Which is why he’s there.

He speaks to Marnie about what his summers are like. View photos.

Promo for Philip's book Fire Season

The tree lover - listen in new player

When the weather turns warm, a great number of us run for the woods for our summer vacations. But what do you do if you grew up there and then moved to the city? It beckons even more. When you’ve had enough, you return to the woods to... build a tree house.

Jonas Selberg Augustsen is a filmmaker who spent one of his summers a few years ago filming his own making of a tree house in northern Sweden. He speaks to Marnie about his film, and the house.

Trailer for Jonas' film The Tree Lover:

  • Paul Clark takes a dip in the Yorkshire Dales<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Manny&#039;s French drain system<br>&copy; Manny Howard -
  • Soil is delivered to the driveway<br>&copy; Manny Howard -
  • The farm nears its harvest<br>&copy; Manny Howard -
  • Manny&#039;s son Bevan Jake unloads a bantam<br>&copy; Manny Howard -
  • The fire tower<br>&copy; Philip Connors -
  • Smoke plume in the distance<br>&copy; Philip Connors -
  • Smoke plume in the distance<br>&copy; Philip Connors -


Janeta will 10 October 2014 - 2:49pm

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Val 25 June 2012 - 4:48pm / Canada

You can't quit now!!! I just found you and love you. Please continue your program. Come on lovers of Earthbeat. Show your support and plead to keep this wonderful, enlightening program going. Right up there with Radio Lab, etc as M. Hoekstra mentions.

M Hoekstra 24 June 2012 - 11:34pm / United States

Dear Earth Beat -- I am so sorry to hear you will not be able to continue your brilliantly executed programming. I am not an environmentalist; I am a Republican conservative -- however, your show has presented the 'argument' for a clean environment in the most comprehensively entertaining and convincing method that I find myself 'on board' with so many of the environmental issues that I would not have been convinced of in any other format.

In the USA we argue the issue politically -- your program shows what individuals are doing ON THEIR OWN -- without the huge government programs. I am inspired to be a better 'citizen of the earth' because of your show. I believe Radio Netherlands should reconsider continuing your program in whatever way possible -- the reruns are a good start!

The talent of Marnie and all the other incredible folks who create this program deserve to have a format (and paycheck!)

PLease consider connecting with podcasts here in the USA -- Radio Lab, This American Life and 99% Invisible as well as Freakanomics are some of my favorites. I hope your talents continue in some way through radio/podcasts for those us worldwide.

Vigodits 24 June 2012 - 10:24pm / USA

Would sure like to know the name of the Australian researcher who is working with summer SAD that Dr Sharp mentioned. I have bipolar disorder and the depression component triggered by the lack of light in the winter and heat in the summer. Summer is the worse, the most miserable time of the year.

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