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Monday 22 December  
Children of War

The State We're In - To the Rescue

On air: 11 August 2012 2:00 (Photo: Children of War)

More about:

The State We're In, 11 August 2012. An Australian man whose blood donations have saved over two million babies; a woman who helped make the joyful reunion of former child soldiers and their families possible; and a gang member in London turns his life around after a photographer takes pictures of him.

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Children of war: abduction and reunion - listen in new player

Jane Ekayu is a therapist who works with former child soldiers in Uganda – children who were forcibly conscripted into the Lord’s Resistance Army. Jane talks about the abuses the children suffered and the time the kids confronted a former LRA leader at the rehabilitation centre where Jane worked.

Jane tells host Jonathan Groubert about the incredible reunion one former boy soldier has with his family who thought he was dead, and other touchstone moments which drive her to do this kind of work. View photos.

Jane’s new organization is Children of Peace Uganda.

Jane Ekayu is featured in the documentary film Children of War.

Man with the golden arm - listen in new player

James Harrison in Australia has something odd going on with his blood.

And it’s helped save the lives of over two million babies worldwide.

The song at the end of the piece is The Waifs featuring John Butler - From Little Things Big Things Grow.




Jean-Claude Dragou
Jean-Claude Dragou
Adam and Jean-Claude - listen in new player

Jean-Claude Dragou was a feared gang member in in London, and he liked things that way.

But after too many hospital visits and stab wounds, he wanted out. 

An unlikely friendship with photographer Adam Patterson helped him put his old life behind him.

Jean-Claude is now taking photos himself, recording his own music and embracing fatherhood. View photos.

  • Scene from &#039;Children of War&#039;<br>&copy; Children of War -
  • Scene from &#039;Children of War&#039;<br>&copy; Children of War -
  • Jean-Claude and his friend Kadeem<br>&copy; Adam Patterson -
  • Jean-Claude and his girlfriend Mo<br>&copy; Adam Patterson -
  • Jean-Claude in the snow<br>&copy; Adam Patterson -
  • Jean-Claude in Doncaster<br>&copy; Adam Patterson -


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Anonymaly 13 August 2012 - 7:06am / Canada

I really enjoy listening to this show late at night in Toronto, Ontario, on CBC Radio One 99.1.

I've wondered several times what the theme music is. Often when I listen to the show, I wonder what the music is and whether I have heard it, but whenever I've looked for this information I've never found the answer. My husband has wondered about the music, too. Perhaps this question has been answered before, in another comments section or on Twitter or Facebook or something, but it's easier to just ask here and not sift through a thousand comments.

user avatar
Greg Kelly 23 August 2012 - 10:41am

Glad you like the music. Our theme is made by Amsterdam based English DJ, Gary Shepherd. Here's his site:  The song’s name is Heart of Grace

Micah 11 August 2012 - 5:15am / USA

Hey guys and gals. Your stories were so good tonight, I actually enjoyed staying in. Great job. Really powerful stuff.

user avatar
Greg Kelly 23 August 2012 - 10:36am

Thanks, Micah!

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