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Saturday 20 December  
Still from Buzkashi Boys starring Fawad Mohammadi

The State We're In - The Real Me

On air: 24 March 2012 2:00 (Photo: Buzkashi Boys)

The State We're In, 24 March 2012. A 13-year-old street hawker in Kabul dreams of becoming a pilot. A Kurdish woman struggles with breast cancer and her culture’s punitive view of it. And a man in Denver talks about his 20 year struggle to beat sex addiction.

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Fawad Mohammadi selling maps on Kabul's streets
Fawad Mohammadi selling maps on Kabul's streets
More than a map seller - listen in new player

Fawad Mohammadi is 13 years old, and earns a living selling maps on the war-torn streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. He’s been a street hawker since the age of 5, but he recently got the chance to star in a feature movie. He now dreams of something even bigger. View photos.

Fawad stars in Buzkashi Boys, directed by Sam French and produced by Ariel Nasr. You can see the trailer and find out more about the film here.

Buzkashi Boys is the first film produced by the Afghan Film Project, a non-profit foundation bringing together international and Afghan filmmakers to support the local film industry.

Goli Abdurahman
Goli Abdurahman
Allah gave you cancer - listen in new player

The first time Goli Abdurahman heard about 'the dirty illness' in Kurdistan, she didn’t know what it was. It meant 'cancer'. It was seen as a punishment from Allah, for having done something wrong.

Goli Abdurahman tells host Jonathan Groubert what happened when she got 'the dirty illness' herself. View photos.

In 2011, Goli started Pena Center, the first cancer information centre in Kurdistan.

Goli speaks out about cancer on Kurdish television, the first person ever to do so:

Jason Martinkus and his wife Shelley
Jason Martinkus and his wife Shelley
Every Man’s Battle - listen in new player

Sex addiction has some high-profile names attached to it, like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny. But Jason Martinkus had his own very private struggle with it.

For over 20 years he was consumed with porn, chat rooms and hook-ups. He lost a few jobs over his addiction. And he nearly cost him his wife and kids.

Every Man's Battle - Monthly Workshops to win the war on sexual temptation.

More from Jason Martinkus - Redemptive Living.

  • Fawad Mohammadi selling maps on Kabul&#039;s streets<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Fawad Mohammadi selling maps on Kabul&#039;s streets<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Goli with her husband Jalil during her first chemotherapy session<br>&copy; Henk Zieverink -
  • Jonathan Grobert examines a prosthetic breast during the interview with Goli Abdurahman<br>&copy; RNW/Diana Steenbergen -
  • Goli gives out the toys and candy that she collected in the Netherlands at a cancer hospital in the capital of Kurdistan, Hawler (Erbil)<br>&copy; RNW -


Jonise 10 October 2014 - 1:17pm

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user avatar
Greg Kelly 24 March 2012 - 7:00am / Netherlands

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. We feel the same way about Fawad. We'll let him know your thoughts.

Anonymous 24 March 2012 - 4:30am / United States

What a terrific, touching, uplifting story. Jonathan's interview was sensitive and gentle. Good luck, Fawad. You are a wonderful young man and deserve all good things.

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