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Tuesday 21 October  

Newsline - New Delhi "not ready yet" for Commonwealth Games

On air: 6 August 2010 15:35 (Photo by RNW)

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Newsline - 6 August 2010: Officials say New Delhi will be ready for the Commonwealth Games - but the locals have their doubts. From a pop star to a politician - Wyclef Jean joins the race for Haiti's presidency. And we listen to some suitable sounds for the Gay Pride celebrations in Amsterdam.


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New Delhi's Commonwealth Games heading for disaster?
With only 43 days to go before the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in India, host city New Delhi seems far from ready. Organisers are optimistic, but behind-schedule construction work and crippling corruption make it difficult for locals to share that optimism. RNW's Dheera Sujan is in New Delhi and she thinks it's going to be very difficult for the city to be ready in time.

Ex-pop star to run for Haitian presidency
Haitian rapper/singer/producer Wyclef Jean has launched his bid for the presidency of Haiti. He says he can bring stability to one of the world's poorest countries and rebuild it - but not everyone agrees. We asked Haiti expert Amelie Gauhtier whether it's strange for a pop star to run for president.

Only in the Netherlands: Public radio presents the 100 best gay songs
The annual Gay Pride festival in Amsterdam kicked off on Thursday. Tomorrow's traditional boat parade on the city's canals will be the highlight of the festivities, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. Dutch radio station 3FM joins the party with the "Homo 100" - the one hundred top gay songs as chosen by the listeners. Listen to a few of the songs on the chart and to 3FM DJ Sander Lantinga here.




Elizabeth88 29 July 2011 - 2:46am

Well I know that games can get you to get out of the real world and pretend your somewhere else. My current game that I have fallen in love with is BSGO. I love trying new games and I really love this one.

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