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Wednesday 26 November  
What's on at Radio Netherlands Worldwide

What's on this week? - The last RNW programme schedule

On air: 28 June 2012 0:00 - 29 June 2012 0:00 (Photo: RNW)

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Programme schedule for Thursday 28 June and Friday 29 June 2012

Times and frequencies for your region

Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands Worldwide's English Service - a list of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands Worldwide this coming week, beginning on Saturday.

The list includes first airings of RNW's main features. The programmes are repeated throughout the week. Times are in UTC. 


14:00 South Asia Wired

In Kathmandu Sunita Ghimeri and her team of visually impaired girls fight against the public’s prejudice against handicapped people every day, by playing cricket.


* Shortwave frequencies in kHz *

* Sat = satellite *

* = RNW webstream

00:00 Sat &

Bridges with Africa
Defiant Sudanese protest against their government. We ask: could this be a new chapter of the ‘Arab Spring’?
African films lack quality and relevance. At least that is the opinion of the Arts Council of Amsterdam who advices the city government not to give subsidy to the Africa in the Picture film festival.
Mixing politics with music, we talk to South African reggae musicians Carlos Dje Dje and James Mange and gospel artist Rejoice Mukumela.

Media Network #1000
Jonathan Marks and Diana Janssen share some of the behind the scene stories and celebrate anecdotes with contributors. Andy Sennitt, the retiring editor of the Media Network blog in 2012, explains how he got involved with the programme. And there are plenty of memories from the loyal audience too.

01:00 Sat &

Happy Station
Multilingual singing, dancing and talking host Tom Meyer takes you to a hotel in Amsterdam for a dazzling live show. Originally broadcast in 1976.

First 50 years of RNW
Written and produced by Luc Lucas and presented by Ginger da Silva.
Trying to squeeze highlights from 50 years of broadcasting into half an hour is, of course, impossible. Instead, we have tried to illustrate the development of the English Language Service from its introduction in 1947 up to 1997.

02:00 Sat &
+6165 nAmE

Farewell and Thank You
Dheera Sujan hosts a tour of RNW’s programmes which told you unforgettable stories, and the Radio Netherlands producers who made those documentaries and feature shows. From entertainment with Happy Station via Human Rights and Sustainable Living to Free Speech - this is RNW’s swan song.

03:00 Sat &
+6165 nAmC

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

04:00 Sat &

Earth Beat
Summertime. And the living is easy. Or is it? From mobile pool parties and turning your backyard garden into a farm to scanning the horizon for forest fires, we take a look at a great deal of hard work that revolves around warmer weather.

First 50 years of RNW

(see 01:00 for content)

05:00 Sat &
+6165 nAmW
+12015 NZ Aus

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

06:00 Sat &
06:30 Sat &

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

07:00 Sat &

A Good Life
There are an estimated half million deaf-blind children in India. The key to sustaining support programmes for them is making sure there are enough qualified teachers. We hear what's being done throughout the country to train people to break through barriers of darkness and silence. (Anna Yeadell, 2004)

Music 52-15
Hosted by Martha Hawley, this program is a risk-taking no-holds barred rough and tumble cascade of Afro-Manding Pop, soul, Caribbean Jazz and Mariachi, classical piano, Buddhist ceremonial chants and so on, the typical fare when you look around and ask what people are recording within the Dutch borders. No musical boundaries today, anything goes. You have been warned. First broadcast in 1998.

08:00 Sat &

Seeds of Death, landmines in Angola
Documentary by Eric Beauchemin on landmines in Angola. Interview with Paul Heslop of the Halo Trust. (original broadcast 1995)

His and Hers
Final edition of the record request show hosted by Jerry and Dodi Cowan. Originally aired in 1981.

09:00 Sat &

The Gypsy in my Soul
a portrait of the Roma and Sinti gypsy minority in the Netherlands. By Hélène Michaud (1999)

Sounds Interesting
With Robert Chesal. How three Dutch citizens devoted themselves to idealistic causes. (1998)

10:00 Sat &

Media Network #1000
(see 00:00 for content)

Tsunami in Sri Lanka
First broadcast in 2005. Marijke van der Meer describec what she saw as a tourist in Sri Lanka at the time of the tsunami disaster: a makeshift medical post in the east coast town of Pottuvil, the destruction in Hambantota, the search of a Dutch woman for a Sri Lankan friend, and a visit to a refugee camp.

11:00 Sat &

Cycling with Frits
Producer David Swatling finds a cassette tape given to him on his birthday by photographer friend Frits de Ridder in 1989. It included directions for a bicycle trip which he never took - until now. The journey brings back memories and interviews with Frits who died of AIDS complications in 1994.

First 50 years of RNW
(see 01:00 for content)

12:00 Sat &

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

Mindy Ran looks back one final time - not over the past week, but over her career at RNW.

Insight: International Justice
Robert Green reflecting (in 1997) on a news story about East German leader Egon Krenz being sentenced in Germany for crimes committed in the former DDR and other foreign leaders, like Desi Bouterse and Radovan Karadzic, being prosecuted by an international court.

13:00 Sat &
WRN Afr+Asia
13:30 Sat &

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

14:00 Sat &
9800 sAsia

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

15:00 Sat &

Pete Myers: A talent to amuse
Pete Myers was a regular voice on many RNW programmes. He made his name at the BBC External Services in Bush House with a programme called Good Morning Africa. He was one of the early presenters on BBC Radio 1 in 1967 and from 1976 onwards one of the regular producers on Radio Netherlands English Service. He was the engine behind many magazine programmes like the Afroscene, Mainstream Asia and Asiascan. His generous laugh, his burnished voice and his professionalism are missed until this very day. (Produced by Luc Lucas and Jonathan Marks, 1999)

Insight: International justice
Robert Green reflecting (in 1997) on a news story about East German leader Egon Krenz being sentenced in Germany for crimes committed in the former DDR and other foreign leaders, like Desi Bouterse and Radovan Karadzic, being prosecuted by an international court.

16:00 Sat &

Research File
The psychology of music: what effect do different pieces of music have on our mood and emotions. The near-death experience: is it a spiritual experience or can it be explained in terms of physiology? From 1995; with Anne Blair Gould.

Classic Dox: Zeeland 1953
For centuries, the Dutch have reclaimed land from the sea. But on 1 February, 1953, the sea tried to take back a huge portion from the province of Zeeland in the south of the Netherlands. (Liesbeth de Bakker & David Swatling, 2003)

17:00 Sat &
17:30 Sat &

Confronting Fear (of Flying)
Despite being a veteran flyer, Helene Michaud gradually developed a fear of flying. Deciding that enough was enough, she entered an intensive course that was to help her overcome this (and perhaps other) fear. (2001)

The first 50 years of RNW
(see 01:00 for content)

18:00 Sat &
17605 kHz E Afr
WRN Afr+Asia (>1830)

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

19:00 Sat &
7425 C+S Africa
11615 W Africa
15495 W Africa
17605 E Africa
+6065 EU

The first 50 years of RNW
(see 01:00 for content)

Mindy Ran looks back one final time - not over the past week, but over her career at RNW.

Dutch Pop Farewell - Tim Fisher
EuroHit40 host Tim Fisher takes a valedictory look at Dutch pop music over the 65 years of RNW’s existence. Produced by Jos Boer/Ad Roland Media.

20:00 Sat &
7425 C+S Africa
11615 W Africa
15495 W Africa
+6065 EU

Farewell and Thank You
(see 02:00 for content)

RNW goes off air at 20:57 UTC.


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Mar_tin 13 February 2013 - 1:00pm / Philippines

As we did in on our holidays in Europe during 35 years we still used RNW to hear the Dutch news on Mindanao Island in the Philippines as we are in a remote area without internet and poor GSM coverage. Pitty that RNW had to follow the way of the legendary "Jan Pelleboer", went dead, but still remain in Glory in our minds. There were still a few listeners but we understand the decision. Thank you very much guys for all the work you have done up to the last drop.

HUMBERT 28 August 2012 - 2:05am / mexico


Kevin A. 13 July 2012 - 8:10am / USA

Just wanted to share with you all how much your programming has meant to me and my friends over the decades. I discovered you in the late 60's while growing up in Denver, Colorado, and soon was taking Dutch by Radio :-) and exchanging birthday greetings with friends via your request programs and Happy Station. It was a great way to reach out into the world while young. I also came with a friend to visit your studio in the mid 70's. Over the decades I have deeply appreciated your diverse and ever thoughtful programming. You have left us all with many sweet memories and we wish you all the very best for the future, and send our thanks.

Steve 9 30 June 2012 - 1:10am / Brazil

I was recording most of the final day's programming, but had to leave my computer at around 1800 GMT and, wouldn't you know, the recording software decided to die a few moments after I left. If anyone has the final (I believe it would be) 90 minutes and would care to arrange an exchange (somehow), I'd be grateful. Specifically, I'm looking for:
* Reloaded: Mindy Ran looks back one final time...;
* Dutch Pop Farewell - Tim Fisher EuroHit40 host Tim Fisher takes a valedictory look at Dutch pop music...; and
* Farewell and Thank You to RNW going off the air at 20:57 UTC

If we can arrange something and there were any interstitials between 1800 and the start of Reloaded, that would be of interest, too (as there were a couple of moments today when listener letters were being read on-air).

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