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Friday 19 December  
Euro Hit 40 July 2011

Euro Hit 40 show - July 2011

On air: 30 June 2011 15:45 - 31 July 2011 15:45 (graphic: RNW)

More about:

Here is the 7th Euro Hit 40 show of 2011. Want to listen immediately? Just click on this bit of text and it should start playing in a new window. You might also like to sign up for the podcast

This month also sees the end of voting in our just-for-fun WorldPopContest 2011... check the songs and vote soon - you might even be one of the lucky winners of our three prize packages!!!

Euro Hit 40 show 

You might also want to join all our friends on, and maybe sign up for our monthly newsletter here. 


This month's show has tracks from artitsts such as:

We now also link to the pages of many of the artists featured in the show.

The RNW media player version of the show now has its own page.

You can also hear the show through this link:

Our first Eurobuster track this month comes from Dutch rock band Racoon. The track is called No Mercy.  

Here's a link to Racoon's website in Dutch/English
You can see the video of No Mercy on Tim's little TV channel on YouTube.

You'll also find our second Eurobuster, Miss Sunshine by R.I.O., via the above link to YouTube 

COMPETITION 38 - MAY 2011: answer and winners 

In May we asked: name the track at number 17 on the May show. 

It was one of the following:

a) Earth is flat
b) Moon is cheese
c) Sun is up
d) Mars is melting
e) Sun is down

The answer: Sun Is Up (by Inna)
The three prize winners are:

  • Nahid Hasan of Bangladesh
  • Nazmus Sadat from Bangladesh (not India... I do apologise for getting your country wrong!)
  • Trideep Kundu of India

Congratulations to all of you. Your 'flag certificates' are posted below and are also featured on our page. Your prizes should be the post soon.

to find the rules for our competitions - see last month's question and, most important no doubt, find our new question and instructions on how to enter... just click here.

Please note: starting with the June competition (winners announced in August), there will be two competition winners each month.

- to find all the other things the Euro Hit 40 show has to offer you may click on the Red-Orange picture below to get to our the main page of our website, or maybe you'd rather choose from these links... it's up to you! 


Want to contact us? Email us with

Want to contact the RNW English-language service, use

  • Trideep Kundu<br>&copy; graphic: RNW/eurohit40 -
  • Nahid Hasan<br>&copy; graphic: RNW/eurohit40 -
  • Nazmus Sadat<br>&copy; graphic: RNW/eurohit40 -


Rafi Md. Nazmus Sadat 3 July 2011 - 10:08am / BANGLADESH

Dear Mr. Jayanta,
Thank you very much for noticing the slip. Hope to get messages from you.

Dear Mr. Tim,
I am very glad to be selected. Thank you for fixing the slip.
Wish RNW related everyone my greetings.

Jayanta ChakrabartyAnonymous 30 June 2011 - 4:51pm / India/South Asia

Hi, the bright boys of Euro Hit 40 Team,

Your result for the 38th Competition seems to have gone haywire. While the country of one of the three winners, Mr Nazmus Sadat is mentioned as India, the "flag certificate" is that of Bangladesh. A slip, would you say?

Jayanta Chakrabarty
New Delhi, India

user avatar
Tim Fisher 1 July 2011 - 1:32pm / Hilversum, Netherlands, Europe, World!

 Jayanta, what would I do without the eagle eyes of people like you! After I changed the flag to the correct one (of Bangladesh), I thought I had changed the name of the country too... maybe I did, maybe I didn't.. but clearly I didn't save the changes! Thanks for alerting me to this error! Best wishes, Tim,

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