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Saturday 20 December  

Euro Hit 40 show - January 2011

On air: 4 January 2011 14:05 - 1 February 2011 14:05 (graphic: RNW)

More about:

The Euro Hit 40 show of January 2011 is here on this very page, and all you need to do to hear it is to click on this bit of text and it will start playing in a new window.

This month's show has music from a vast array of artists, including but not limited to:

As you can see we've changed the look of our web pages a little and we have moved the RNW media player version of the show to its own page.

You can also hear the show via the link below:


Our first Eurobuster this month comes from one of our favourites here at the Euro Hit 40 show, and she seems to be quite popular with you, too. In fact, those of you who followed or voted in our first World Pop Contest will know that Caro Emerald won that little competition with A Night Like This.

Caro is back on this month's show with her latest release, entitled Stuck. Here again is the link to Caro's official website.

Our second Eurobuster comes from another great female performer who's come to prominence only recently. No longer Chasin' Pavements, Adele has a new release too Rolling In The Deep. More information on Adele (she's from the UK) on her official website.

COMPETITION 32 - NOVEMBER 2010 - answer and winners
In November 2010 we asked: Mohombi's Bumpy Ride is in the chart. Mohombi has African (Congolese) roots but his home country is: Swaziland - Sweden - Sudan - Siam - Switzerland - Sri Lanka - Senegal ?

The answer (everyone got this correct): Sweden

Our three clever winners:

  • Muhammad Muneeb Khan who lives in Pakistan
  • Pedro Manuel Caminero who lives in Cuba
  • Eric Barr of the USA

Congratulations to you three guys. We've posted your flag certificates down below... and your prizes will be in the post soonish (but Tim needs to go and buy some new fridge magnets first!)

to find the rules for our competitions - see last month's question and, most important no doubt, find our new questions and instructions on how to enter... just click here.

- to find all the other things the Euro Hit 40 show has to offer you may click on the Red-Orange picture below to get to our full dossier, or maybe you'd rather choose from these links... it's up to you! 


Want to contact us? Email us


  • for Pedro<br>&copy; graphic: RNW -
  • for Muhammad<br>&copy; graphic: RNW -
  • for Eric<br>&copy; graphic: RNW -


John Rutherford 17 January 2011 - 8:41am / Germany

Dear Tim and Co.,

I am very impressed with the new look and lay-out of your webste... It is a real pleasure maneuvering through the site.
Well done... a great big 'thumbs up' from little old me in Belrin.

John Rutherford.

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