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Monday 22 December  
Wim Hof - The Iceman

Earth Beat - Ice

On air: 25 May 2012 3:00 (Photo:

More about:

Earth Beat, 25 May 2012. Ice, ice baby and bucketloads of the stuff. We meet the ice obsessives, people for whom ice is their job, their way of life, their art. Making music with it, sculpting it or just immersing your body in it: ice is too cool for school.

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The Iceman cometh - listen in new player

Wim Hof loves the ice and likes nothing better than immersing himself in it for a couple of hours.

He’s become known worldwide as The Iceman and he joins host Marnie Chesterton in the studio to tell her how we can all improve our health by enjoying the cold a little more. View photos.

Video - Wim Hof came to the RNW studios to be interviewed and set Marnie an ice foot-immersion challenge.


Terje Isungset
Terje Isungset
Ice music - listen in new player

We encounter the icy sound world of Norwegian musician Terje Isungset.

He not only writes and performs with ice, he also makes his own instruments. View photos.

But if you imagine his work to sound cold and unforgiving, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


Steve Armance
Steve Armance
Carving a career out of ice - listen in new player

Mauritius isn’t known for its cold climate and it’s not the kind of place you’d expect to find a world-famous ice-sculptor.

But Steve Armance started working as a wood carver on the island before turning his hand to the cold stuff instead.

His career has taken him to a number of cold countries, where his creations have earned him the title of World Champion. View photos.

Video - Steve Armance & Mario Amegee represent Africa at the London Ice Sculpting Festival 2011 (0.44):

Dr Nirmal Kumar Sinha - on his screen he is just south of the North Pole "diggin
Dr Nirmal Kumar Sinha - on his screen he is just south of the North Pole "digging to New Delhi"
The other Iceman - listen in new player

Dr Nirmal Kumar Sinha doesn’t have the sort of name you’d associate with snow and ice.

But in his adopted home of Canada he’s become known as The Iceman.

His passion for the stuff has led to 35 Arctic trips, a lot of pain and a scientific knowledge of the cold that is second to none.



Tom and Beth's Eco Freezer
Tom and Beth's Eco Freezer
Freezer for all - listen in new player

Walk-in freezers are normally the preserve of restaurants and butcher shops, but Tom and Beth Tailer have built one in their backyard.

They want to establish a sustainable community ice house, where neighbours can make use of three storeys of storage space.

They’ve built this giant freezer from their own trees, and it's insulated using plastic bottles filled with a saline solution. The Tailers tell Marnie how it works.

  • Wim Hof breaks a world record at an event to raise climate change awareness, Hong Kong<br>&copy; -
  • Wim Hof breaks a world record at an event to raise climate change awareness, Hong Kong<br>&copy; -
  • Training in the Amsterdam forest, winter 2010<br>&copy; -
  • Terje Isungset<br>&copy; Icemusic -
  • Steve Armance with his motorbike sculpture<br>&copy; Steve Armance -
  • Steve Armance and team mate Mario Amegee won the Public Choice award with this entry in the London Ice Sculpting Festival 2011<br>&copy; Steve Armance -


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