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Friday 19 December  
20 Knipe Point , Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Earth Beat - Goodbye

On air: 20 July 2012 3:00 (Photo: Kane Cunningham)

More about:

Earth Beat, 20 July 2012. Saying goodbye… to a home, to an island, to a species. Stories about taking your leave under tough conditions.

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Yangtze River dolphin or baiji (Lipotes vexillifer)
The Yangtze River dolphin
Requiem for a rare river dolphin - listen in new player

We hear about species on the brink of extinction all the time, but for many it’s already too late, like the Yangtze River dolphin (or baiji).

It achieved goddess status in China, but that wasn’t enough to ensure its survival.

Conservationist Sam Turvey was one of those who tried to save it and describes its demise as a national tragedy and an international disgrace. View photos.

Sam's book is Witness to Extinction: How We Failed to Save the Yangtze River Dolphin.

Recently extinct species

Steller's Sea Cow (Rhytina gigas)

Steller's Sea Cow - (pictured above - Flickr/peacay) a giant marine mammal, distantly related to dugongs and manatees, which was discovered around two remote Russian islands in 1743 and had been hunted to extinction by 1768.

The giant rice rats of the Caribbean - rats the size of small cats, which lived on islands such as St Lucia and Martinique until the late 19th century, and which were the only native land mammals in the eastern Caribbean; they were probably wiped out by mongooses that were introduced to control pests on the sugar cane plantations.

Aurochs - the ancestor of domestic cattle, this was a fearsome bison-sized animal that survived in Poland until the 17th century, before being hunted to extinction.

Little Swan Island Hutia - a large guinea-pig-like rodent found on a single tiny island between Jamaica and Honduras. One animal was exhibited before King Edward VII in the early 20th century, but in the 1950s a box of cats was released on the island and killed off the entire species.

Stephens Island Wren - a tiny flightless wren found on a small island off New Zealand, which was allegedly discovered - and wiped out - by the lighthouse keeper's cat in the late 19th century.

Marquesas Swamphen - a large purple relative of coots and moorhens, which is only known for certain from bones found in caves, but which may have been painted in 1902 by Paul Gauguin; nothing else is known about it.

Alaotra Grebe - last seen in 1985 and declared extinct in 2010. A small waterbird found on Madagascar's Lake Alaotra, which has experienced huge amounts of habitat destruction and invasive predatory species.
(Text: Sam Turvey)

Preparing for the big one - listen in new player

Patrick Corcoran, Kesennuma City, Tohoko region, Japan
Patrick Corcoran, Kesennuma City, Tohoko region, Japan
Patrick Corcoran lives on the Oregon coast in the US. View photos.

His job is to convince people of the potential catastrophic consequences of living in the region.

An earthquake happens there, on average, every 250 years.

Which means one is long overdue, together with an accompanying tsunami.

But do people take him seriously? According to Patrick, it’s a matter of life and death. Visit Oregon Sea Grant's blog - Breaking Waves.

The House Project
The House Project
Living on a cliff edge - listen in new player

A house for most of us is a place of warmth and security, but for artist Kane Cunningham it’s a lesson in saying goodbye. He bought a bungalow - pictured above - for a song on the edge of a cliff overlooking the North Sea.

It’s so far excelled itself by surviving far longer than anyone expected, but how long has he got before the ground gives - and why is he doing it anyway? View photos.

Chef Pascal Jalhay at the Out-of-date Food Club
Chef Pascal Jalhay at the Out-of-date Food Club
When does food die? - listen in new player

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about dumpster-diving, waste and the expiry dates on food.

And here in Amsterdam, an artist collective recently put on a series of events where people brought out-of-date food to their gallery, and well-known chefs devised a menu, the participants cooked it and ate it.

The Earth Beat team pulled straws and the two lucky ones to go were producers Marijke Peters and Anik See. View photos.

Over Datum Eetclub (Out-of-date Food Club) website (in Dutch)

Due to the drought in Texas, the old Bluffton has reappeared
Due to the drought in Texas, the old Bluffton has reappeared
Hello-goodbye to Texan town - listen in new player

Bluffton in Texas has had a chequered past. It was built as a small trading post on the Colorado River in 1852, but was burned down 30 years later by cowboys.

A second Bluffton was built a few hundred metres away, but this town was flooded in 1937, when the river was dammed to create Lake Buchanan. The town and its inhabitants were relocated to a third site, and Bluffton’s former location was once again forgotten.

Until now. Because thanks to the drought that’s been affecting Texas since the start of the summer, water levels in the lake have dropped so low, that the old Bluffton has reappeared. Tim Mohan - from Vanishing Texas River Cruises - is a guide to the area. View photos.

More about Bluffton from Earth Beat: Texas drought reveals ghost town of old Bluffton.

  • Some of the people and things you asked us to say goodbye to<br>&copy; RNW -
  • A captive baiji called Qi Qi, which lived in the Institute of Hydrobiology, Wuhan, until 2002<br>&copy; Wang Ding -
  • Sam Turvey beside a preserved museum specimen of a Yangtze River dolphin – now all that is left of the species<br>&copy; Samuel Turvey/Leigh Barrett -
  • Sunset over the Yangtze near Nanjing<br>&copy; Samuel Turvey/Leigh Barrett -
  • Impromtu memorial Kesennuma City, Tohoko region, Japan<br>&copy; Patrick Corcoran -
  • Patrick surveys a pile of debris, Minamsanriku, Tohoko<br>&copy; Patrick Corcoran -
  • Impromtu memorial for victims of the March 11 2011 tsunami, Rikuzentakata, Tohoko region, Japan<br>&copy; Patrick Corcoran -
  • Memorial stone for the victims of the March 11 2011 tsunami at the motel of Ms. Akiko Iwasaki, Kamaishi, Tohoko region, Japan<br>&copy; Patrick Corcoran -
  • Memorial stone for the victims of the March 11 2011 tsunami, Tohoko region, Japan<br>&copy; Patrick Corcoran -
  • Artist Kane Cunningham<br>&copy; Kane Cunningham -
  • Aerial view of Kane Cunningham&#039;s property<br>&copy; Michael Jaconelli -
  • Some of the many letters Kane Cunningham has received as part of The House Project<br>&copy; Kane Cunningham -
  • Marijke Peters at the Out-of-date Food Club<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Dinner at the Out-of-date Food Club<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Preparing dinner at the Out-of-date Food Club<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Due to the drought in Texas, the old Bluffton has reappeared<br>&copy; RNW -
  • Due to the drought in Texas, the old Bluffton has reappeared<br>&copy; RNW -


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Susie 29 July 2012 - 3:50am / Australia

Still can't believe this show is going to end -- really?? and WHY? -- one of my absolute favourite radio programs - Thank you sooooo much Marnie and Team! Best wishes for your next endeavours, may they turn out as inspiring as this one!! Your sense of humour in presenting is wonderful. ( I'll go and make friends with One Planet on the BBC again.)

purpic 23 July 2012 - 5:26am / texas

earth beat is about the journey ! dont stop believing ! aloha !

Anonymous 21 July 2012 - 4:02am / USA

I already sent one email saying I would be missing Earth Beat and the endearing voice of Marnie Chesterton. Now I would like to ask what next both for Marnie and for the kinds of stories we have been enjoying on Earth Beat. Nora

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