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Saturday 27 December  
Dave Kunst walks the Nullarbor Plain, southern Australia

Earth Beat - Going places

On air: 3 June 2011 3:00 (Photo: Dave Kunst)

More about:

Earth Beat, 3 June 2011. Things that are going places - from rubber duckies sailing the ocean seas for a couple of decades, to the world’s most gruelling marathon and the first man to walk around the world, we’ll take you places you’ve never been.


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The world’s toughest race
Dubbed the hardest race to run in the world - the Barkley Marathons live up to their name. The 100-mile course on an unmarked track through a Tennessee state park takes runners across streams and up mountains – and temperatures on the weekend that the Barkley is held fluctuate so much they can threaten heatstroke and hypothermia. Earth Beat host Marnie Chesterton spoke to 'Frozen' Ed Furtaw, one of a handful to have ever finished, and Gary Cantrell, who organises the race, and once described it as a "sick joke". (photos at bottom of page)

Web extra - founder of the Barkley marathon, Gary Cantrell, explains how this race, known as the hardest marathon in the world, differs from a normal race...

Link - Matt Mahoney's Barkley Marathons site

Green flight
Mike Voorhees is the founding CEO of Skylite Aeronautics – a green airship that can carry the equivalent of ten Boeing 747 planes' worth of cargo, but costs just the equivalent of one 747 to make. It hasn't been built yet, but Mike joins Marnie from a studio in Colorado to bring the drawing board to life. (photos at bottom of page)

Nearly 20 years ago, a container ship crossing the north Pacific lost some of its load in a heavy storm. One of the containers that went overboard contained 28,800 bath toys – plastic ducks, frogs, beavers and turtles. And like rubber ducks in a bathtub, they floated. For years, it turns out, on the Pacific Ocean. Marnie talks to Donovan Hohn, the author of Moby-Duck, about their journey and what he discovered. (photos at bottom of page)

What we get out of going places
Everyone on the Earth Beat team is really well-travelled. But what do we get out of going places? Why do we do it? Producer Anik See has written a fair bit about that, so we asked her to adapt one of the essays in her book for us. She reads from Saudade. (photos at bottom of page)

Walking round the world
Whoever came up with the phrase "It’s a small world" had obviously never walked around it. Dave Kunst was 30 when he set off with his brother John on a mission to circumnavigate the globe on foot. It took him just over four years and earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. (photos at bottom of page)
Link - Earthwalker website

Graphic: Dave Kunst's route (rollover points for key stages)

Click image for slideshow

  • View of the mountains where the Barkley is held, seen  from near the road entrance to Frozen Head State Park<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • &#039;Frozen&#039; Ed Furtaw climbing one of the steepest hills, called Rat Jaw, during the 2010 Barkley race<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • This is typical of what it looks like &quot;out there&quot;: steep hills,  trees, rocks, and streams<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • Karl &quot;Raw Dog&quot; Henn, the Barkley co-director<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • &#039;Frozen&#039; Ed Furtaw, after finishing the first loop in 2011, also at the yellow gate<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • Mike Voorhees flys over Albuquerque at the 2010 New Mexico Balloon Fiesta<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • A scale rendering of GeoShip over Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco<br>&copy; Photo: RNW -
  • An unopened package of Floatees from the early 90s. After a day or two adrift, they hatched and drifted free<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • The Evergreen “Ever Laurel”<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • 2003 clipping from the New York Times<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • The alloy die-cast mold in which Donovan&#039;s elusive quarry was born<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • The worker running the rubber duck machine<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • Donovan spots the familiar tail - teardrop shape, waffled in diagonal lines - of a plastic beaver. Gore Point, Alsaka<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • Ship containing all the rubbish removed from Gore Point, Alsaka<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • Plastic debris from the 8-mile streach of beach, South Point, Hawaii<br>&copy; Photo: Donovan Hohn -
  • Producer Anik See buying a loaf of bread from a local man while cycling through the Republic of Georgia<br>&copy; Photo: Anik See -
  • Dave and mule Willie Makeit II<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • Crossing from New Jersey to New York on the George Washington Bridge<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • John, Willie Makeit II and Dave having a laugh near the Russian Orthodox Church, San Remo, Italy<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • In front of Mount Ararat, eastern Turkey<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • Pete and Dave Kunst walking the Khyber Pass<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • Dave Kunst walks the Nullarbor Plain, southern Australia<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • Jenni and Dave standing by Will She Makeit (Jenni&#039;s car) and USA Turk Machine (Turkish Wagon) in the state of South Australia<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -
  • Dave&#039;s feet near the finish of the walk<br>&copy; Photo: Dave Kunst -


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Jnae 3 June 2011 - 4:49pm / USA

Does anyone know what was the music used with this story that had a very nimble whistler or flautist during the story about walking around the world?

user avatar
marijkepeters 6 June 2011 - 2:08pm


The name of the artist is Geert Chatrou, and he's the world whistling champion. You can find more about him, or hear some more of his music, here:


The Earth Beat team

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