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Monday 22 December  

European Jazz Stage - Fusion! Galliano, Roos & Hargrove’s RH Factor

On air: 13 April 2011 8:00 - 13 July 2011 8:00 (Richard Bona)

More about:

EUROPEAN JAZZ STAGE  "...Fusion is jazz’ second nature… -- Though that remark could still cause a fight in plenty of clubs, But mixing styles and ideas has been part of jazz culture right from it’s start, a century ago. And mainstream artists from Roy Hargrove to McCoy Tyner to Herbie Hancock are leading the way.
In this week’s program we’ll meet three groups that mingle jazz with other influences: Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor, then an ensemble led by Dutch sax man Toon Roos with former Weather Report drummer Peter Erskine, and finally Richard Galliano’s international assemblage. Great jazz musicians of the world – on this European Jazz Stage. I’m Benjamin Herman…"

Listen to this week's show:


1. Galliano, Rubalcaba, Bona & Penn – Bébé (H. Pascoal) 5:36

2. Galliano, Rubalcaba, Bona & Penn – Hymne (R. Galliano) 6:54

3. Toon Roos Group feat. Peter Erskine – Keep it Going (T. Roos) 9:07

4. Toon Roos Group feat. P. Erskine – The Neverending Dream (T. Roos) 9:07

5. Paint as you Like (Michael Moore) 1:00

6. Toon Roos Group feat. P. Erskine – The Music of My People (P. Erskine) 7:47

7. Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor – A Crazy Race / Joosey (R. Hargrove) 8:35

8. Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor – Actual Proof (H. Hancock) 12:49


RH Factor


Toon Roos Quartet



jasmin 14 April 2011 - 12:40pm / India

Wonderful..'Return to Happiness' by Toon Roos...thanks a lot!

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