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Thursday 18 December  
Surrounded by Matis scouts, Brazilian anthropologist Sydney Possuelo checks his

Earth Beat - Foreign Bodies

On air: 23 March 2012 3:00 (Photo: Scott Wallace)

More about:

Earth Beat, 23 March 2012. Things that turn up in the unlikeliest of places. Like sea salt full of prescription drugs, or pesticides in the Arctic. And the man searching the Amazon for a tribe he’s not allowed to contact. Foreign bodies, in all their forms.

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Jasper Lawrence
Jasper Lawrence
A can of worms - listen in new player

That’s how the expression goes, but Jasper Lawrence actually has 75 hookworms in his gut. Jasper grew up suffering from allergies and asthma. In the end his medication was so strong that he was severely overweight, constantly breathless and had pretty much given hope of being healthy ever again.

Until he learnt what the hookworm could do for him. He set off for Cameroon in West Central Africa to deliberately infect himself with the parasite by walking on human excrement. We ask him if it was worth it, if he's better now and at what cost? View photos.

Visit Jasper's website - Autoimmune Therapies. Jasper also blogs here.

Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace
The Unconquered - listen in new player

Regular Earth Beat listeners might remember a story we covered last year, about a group of men employed by the Brazilian government to find and make contact with the lone survivor of the massacre of a tribe in the Amazon, so that he could be left alone. It was the kind of story that divided people: should contact have been made or not?

Scott Wallace is a photojournalist and author of The Unconquered, a book about a unique expedition to the Amazon rainforest. Led by Brazilian anthropologist Sydney Possuelo, the mission was to find one of the planet’s last uncontacted tribes – the Flecheiros or Arrow People – without making contact. View photos.

He talks to host Marnie Chesterton about the mission to find, yet avoid.

Prescription drug with a pinch of salt - listen in new player

Feeling down? Paying too much for birth control pills?

There’s now a single substance that can cure all your ailments – and it goes by the chemical name of Sodium chloride. View photos.

Artist Jon Cohrs and water expert Morgan Levy tell Marnie about Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt.

It's a wonder cure made from all the pharmaceuticals that end up in our waste water.

Dog sledge used on the expedition while shooting Silent Snow, together with Pipa
Dog sledge used on the expedition while shooting Silent Snow
Silent Snow - listen in new player

DDT is a synthetic insecticide, mostly used for controlling malaria. It’s had a controversial life, and it’s not strictly illegal. It’s still being used in several countries around the globe, like Uganda, Tanzania and India.

Dutch filmmaker Jan van den Berg decided to make a film about its use and consequences. Silent Snow starts in Greenland, where the fish contain such high levels of DDT, the Inuit people who catch them are advised against consumption. View photos.

He discusses how DDT gets into the food chain and how it winds up in remote places where it’s not even used.

The Beat of Kenya - click for more information

We're looking for input from listeners for our Beat of Kenya promotion on Facebook. Can you represent Kenya with an audio or video upload? Music, dance, spoken word - whatever you do best, we want to see your originality and talent.

  • Hookworm head. Coloured Scanning Electron Micrograph of the head of the parasitic hookworm, Necator Americanus.<br>&copy; ANP/Science Photo Library -
  • Necator Americanus or the New World hookworm<br>&copy; Jasper Lawrence -
  • Necator Americanus or the New World hookworm<br>&copy; Jasper Lawrence -
  • Matis scout Tepi at work on a dugout canoe in the midst of the wilderness<br>&copy; Scott Wallace -
  • Author Scott Wallace interviews Sydney Possuelo while trekking through the land of the Arrow People<br>&copy; Scott Wallace -
  • Expedition members paddle a newly-constructed dugout canoe down the Jutai River in the Javari Valley, Brazil<br>&copy; Scott Wallace -
  • Surrounded by Matis scouts, Sydney Possuelo checks his GPS<br>&copy; Scott Wallace -
  • Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt<br>&copy; Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt -
  • Ingredients contained in Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt<br>&copy; Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt -
  • A tour of the South San Francisco Bay Salt Flats, home to Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt.<br>&copy; Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt -
  • One of the salt evaporation ponds at the San Jose Zero1 Biennial.<br>&copy; Alviso&#039;s Medicinal All-Salt -
  • Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann, main character and co-author of Silent Snow. Together with Pipaluk, Jan van   den Berg wanted to find out why the chemical pollution is happening and understand the perspectives of the   different people involved; the victims, the producers, and those who try to fight for solutions.<br>&copy; Silent Snow -
  • Pipaluk with Ellady Muyambi in Uganda. Ellady is fighting the unnecessary use of DDT in the struggle   against malaria. Ellady is a founder member of the Uganda Network on Toxic Free Malaria Control (UNETMAC) and   currently works as UNETMAC’s Secretary General. In Silent Snow, he represents one of the many people to stand up against the powerful lobby of the chemical industry. <br>&copy; Silent Snow -


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Anonymous 1 July 2014 - 9:15am

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Daniel Rey M. 29 March 2012 - 7:08am / Colombia

It was revolting to hear about hookworm therapy but not too surprising. Coincidentally, and at a stage in life in which I thought I'd heard and seen it all, a few weeks ago I talked over the phone to an ex-classmate who lives in Texas and who surprised me by telling about how, in Mexico, they use some other parasitic intestinal worm to lose weight after nothing else has worked. It does work and afterwards the worm is expelled with a purgative. In this case very dangerous risks are involved, like a perforated gut, which can cause death, so this is illegal in the U.S. The larva is sold in a capsule. She'd watched a TV program called something like "Caso cerrado" where people argue and there was this case about a woman whose husband was threatening to divorce her because she wanted to swallow the worm. She was shown awful photographs that displayed the consequences and was persuaded to cease and desist.

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