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Sunday 21 December  

Newsline - Farewell to Newsline

On air: 14 September 2010 10:45 (photo (c) RNW)

More about:

After more than 20 years on the air, RNW's current affairs programme Newsline has come to the end of its productive life cycle and been put to rest.

The English department of Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the Newsline team have always taken pride in providing independent and reliable news and current affairs, but in today’s crowded media landscape we’ve decided to focus our efforts on stories and angles not offered by other English language outlets.

Continuing coverage
We’ll be providing up-to-date news and background current affairs on our website – which will also offer audio and video. We’re already expanding our coverage of South Asia, while our programmes Earthbeat and The State We’re In will continue to offer in-depth reporting of issues around sustainable development and human rights.

Our dedicated Africa websites (in both English and French) bring news, views and analysis both from the continent and the African diaspora here in the Netherlands and beyond. 

The International Justice website offers comprehensive coverage of international courts and tribunals, including those for former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Lebanon, along with reporting on war crimes, human rights abuses and genocide.

Thank you and goodbye
Our thanks to all those listeners who’ve tuned in over the years and responded to our programmes, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy what RNW has to offer both online and over the airwaves. 


Anonymous 3 November 2010 - 2:38pm / USA

I tuned into Newsline daily for an independent view of international news. They even made Dutch news interesting! Also, on air news bulletins have been eliminated. Does any of this make any sense?

Anonymous 15 September 2010 - 1:28pm / Cuba

For now we will not lose four cents , but we lose decades of democracy and security around the globe

jasmin 14 September 2010 - 11:54am / India

It is sad to know that Newsline has come to an end. My thanks and best wishes to the past and present Newsline team, who worked so hard for the radio and website. However, I do not understand why the RNW bigwigs decided to axe Newsline! We want objective news and not 'angles' of the RNW journalists, who are openly biased in their views about sensitive subjects. We visitors too have our 'angles' to various subjects, and what we express is sometimes contrary to their view. Our comments are either ignored or snubbed in harsh words, and are called brickbats. So much so for our efforts to login into your site, read your articles, dwell on them and then react to them.

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