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Sunday 21 December  
Hits galore in the EuroHit40 show of May 2012

Euro Hit 40 show - EuroHit40 May 2012

On air: 1 May 2012 17:30 - 31 May 2012 23:30 (image: RNW/EuroHit40)

More about:

Nicki Minaj, Aura Dione, Emeli Sande, Birdy, Loreen, Carly Rae Jepsen (who says the charts are dominated by men, these days!), Jason Mraz, Mike Candys, Triggerfinger, Labrinth, Olly Murs and many more - they're all on the 5th EuroHit40 show of 2012.

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DOWNLOAD the CHART for the MAY show (pdf)

Here are some - possibly useful - links about some of the artists on this month's show (for Facebook pages, check our own page on

NOW some interesting (?) LINKS:

COMPETITION 48 (March 2012) answer and winners
The question for this competition is heard in the second part of the March EuroHit40 show. The question was:

Emeli Sande has two hit tracks on the March show, in one of them she joins a "Professor", in the other, a "Boy". What we want to know is, Professor who and what kind of Boy?  

The options were: 
For the "Professor": Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Pink
For the "Boy: Good/Bad/Nasty/Mean/Naughty

The correct answers: Professor GREEN and NAUGHTY Boy

The two winners - names also announced on the MAY show - are Nick Sharpe of the United Kingdom and Li Ming of China.

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!

Now, If you want to win a T-shirt and some other goodies, listen to the May show and go
here for the RULES and to read the QUESTION again.

  • China flag for Li Ming<br>&copy; image: RNW/EuroHit40 -
  • Uk flag for Nick Sharpe<br>&copy; image: RNW/EuroHit40 -

Our first Eurobuster this month comes from Dutch singer Van Velzen and is called The Rush Of Life. Roel van Velzen is an established name on the Dutch music scene and has also served as a judge on the now internationally known TV talent show The Voice of Holland.  This is his website (in Dutch, alas). You can see a video of The Rush of Life in the Eurobusters 2012 section of EH40 TV on YouTube.

Our second Eurobuster comes from the French DJ formation known as C2C - here's their MySpace site. The video for the track, Down The Road, can also be found on EH40 TV.

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