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Monday 22 December  

About: Newsline

(Photo: RNW) From Monday to Friday, the Newsline team do more than just keep you up to date with the news. You'll hear the background to each story as it unfolds, with sharp interviews and probing reports from the field.
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Newsline is currently taking a well-earned summer break.



Our selected shows of Newsline

Radio Show: Farewell to Newsline

After more than 20 years on the air, RNW's current affairs programme Newsline has come to the end of its productive life cycle and been put to rest. The English department of Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the N...

Radio Show: New Delhi "not ready yet" for Commonwealth Games

Newsline - 6 August 2010: Officials say New Delhi will be ready for the Commonwealth Games - but the locals have their doubts. From a pop star to a politician - Wyclef Jean joins the race for Haiti's presidency. And we l...

Radio Show: When diamonds are not a girl's best friend

Newsline - 5 August 2010: Supermodel Naomi Campbell describes a suspicious gift at Charles Taylor's war crimes trial in the Hague. An American court overturns California's ban on gay marriage. And in the face of seemingly unstopp...

Radio Show: Laura Dekker sets sail amid media frenzy

Newsline - 4 August 2010: Dutch teenager Laura Dekker finally sets sail on her round-the-world tour. Pakistan's President is accused of ignoring flood victims as he travels to the UK during the ongoing downpour. And could Israel...

Radio Show: Protests in Indian Kashmir intensify

Newsline 3 August 2010: Violent protests continue in Indian Kashmir, reigniting a simmering regional rivalry. After decades of political fighting, Kenyans finally get to vote on constitutional reforms. And Russia declares a state...

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