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Saturday 20 December  

About: Network Europe Week

(photo (c) RNW)
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Network Europe Week - If you missed any editions of Network Europe this week, satisfy your needs with this digest of the programme's top stories.


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Our selected shows of Network Europe Week

Radio Show: A sackful of Santas

Network Europe Week - 25 December 2010: A sackful of Santas: Do Slovenians really believe three Father Christmases are better than one? White witch: Italy’s La Befana celebration leaves blokes out in the col...

Radio Show: Backing Berlusconi

Network Europe Week - 18 December 2010: Backing Berlusconi... The Italian prime minister struggles on... but for how long? The gangster prime minister? Kosovo’s leader stands accused. Copycat whistle-...

Radio Show: Will the Wiki-Leaks ever end?

Network Europe Week - 11 December 2010: Call the plumber! Is there an end in sight to those Wiki-leaks? Violence returns to Greece in pitched battles with police. Should I stay or should I go... what's it l...

Radio Show: Wiki-mess - who benefits?

Network Europe Week - 4 December 2010: Wiki-mess: Who benefits from the release of secret information? Close, but no cigar: The EU's Irish bailout fails to calm investors' nerves; Licence to kill Israelis.....

Radio Show: Germany ends conscription to save money

Network Europe Week - 27 November 2010: 4 years of pain... Ireland faces an uphill struggle. German retreat... Conscription is ditched to save money. Half a million for an imaginary asteroid! It's money for...

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Ladies on the move
RNW is keen on featuring inspiring women in our target countries, women who...
What about men?
In many countries, men don't stick around to raise their children. This is...