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Thursday 18 December  

About: Network Europe

(Photo: RNW)
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A collaboration by Europe's leading broadcasters providing a fresh perspective on events and life on the continent in three programmes: 

  • Network Europe - News, current affairs and culture brought to you daily from Europe's widest partnership of international broadcasters
  • Network Europe Extra - Arts and Culture brought to you each Sunday from Europe's widest partnership of international broadcasters
  • Network Europe Week - If you missed any editions of Network Europe this week satisfy your needs with this digest of the programme's top stories 

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Our selected shows of Network Europe

Radio Show: Final episode!!

Network Europe - 31 December 2010 We revisit the biggest stories on the programme And some of the quirkiest press reviews... Plus some of the bloopers that make us human More at...

Radio Show: Celebrating Berlin

Network Europe - 30 December 2010 In a special edition of Network Europe we take a trip back to 9 November 2009 and our special live show from Berlin to mark the 20th anniversary of one of the defining moments in Europe's history...

Radio Show: Europe's best festivals

Network Europe - 29 December 2010 A look at Europe's best festivals...

Radio Show: Portugal's problems

Network Europe - 28 December 2010 We stay in Lisbon with a focus on the solutions for the country... We meet the entrepreneurs making business happen no matter the climate And the students who don't complai...

Radio Show: Portugal's pocketbook

Network Europe - 27 December 2010 We travel back to the first of our special programmes about the Portuguese economy We ask how the country became one of the recession's worst casualties And who's to blame...

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