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Saturday 20 December  
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We continue our long and fruitful association with our partners at Millennium of Music in presenting a series of concerts from the 2010 Festival of Early Music at Utrecht. Millennium of Music is hosted by Robert Aubry Davis.


photo: The gothic palace of the Zoudenbalch family in Utrecht. The palace was built around 1465 on the site of the former home of the family.
The facade is a landmark in the medieval heart of the city of Utrecht, where the world famous yearly Festival of Early Music takes place. 

Our selected shows of Early Music

Radio Show: Les 24 Violons

EARLY MUSIC - Les 24 Violons In the second part of the series Millennium of Music we'll turn to purely instrumental music...

Radio Show: The King's 24 Strings, Sacred Songs and the Hemsch

EARLY MUSIC It's the height of the Early Music Festival in Utrecht. A feast of French Baroque music!

Radio Show: Utrecht 2010: "Louis Quatorze"

EARLY MUSIC: from August 27th to September 5th World's leading Festival of Early Music will take place in Utrecht. Ten days of French Baroque music in Utrecht's concert halls and churches. Dozens of concerts, lect...

Radio Show: German Sacred Cantatas

EARLY MUSIC: De Nederlandse Bachvereniging presents a number of small scale works on texts from the Old Testament attributed to king Salomon. For many centuries, these ancie...

Radio Show: Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine, Part 2

EARLY MUSIC: The 2nd part of "one of the most extraordinary pieces of music ever to be composed", the 1610 Marian Vespers of Claudio Monteverdi according to host Robert Aubry Davis.  

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