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Sunday 21 December  

About: Classic Dox

(Photo: RNW)
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Classic Dox presents the best of Radio Netherlands Worldwide documentaries from our archives on subjects ranging from human rights and development to arts, culture and history – as well as insightful or moving  personal stories – many of which have won awards at international festivals. The series was discontinued in October 2010.


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Our selected shows of Classic Dox

Radio Show: The Lonely Funeral

Every year up to twenty people die completely alone in Amsterdam. There are no friends or family to prepare their funeral or mourn over the body. No one, that is, except a civil servant and a poet. 

Radio Show: The Food of the Gods

Chocolate might be the western world’s most desired edible product. For some it’s comfort food, for others a substitute for sex. Dheera Sujan traces the history of the fussy cacao plant and its precious bean....

Radio Show: Let Them Eat Cake

Historians agree that Marie Antoinette never uttered the most famous quote attributed to her. But legend has it she did bring the recipe for her favourite cake from Austria to France.

Radio Show: Diner Pensant

A diner pensant, or dinner discussion, is a unique Dutch phenomenon.  Michele Ernsting sits down to a four course meal with food philosopher Michiel Korthals to talk about the role of food in society.

Radio Show: Truffle Wars

Ann-Marie Michel travelled to Italy’s Umbria region, famous for its truffles. She discovered a war being waged for this precious, if odorous, delicacy. Truffle hunters were even killing their rival’s truffle hunting d...

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