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Saturday 20 December  
Dheera Sujan's picture

South Asia Wired

Hosted by award-winning RNW producer Dheera Sujan and Johan van Slooten, South Asia Wired features stories from the region, the Diaspora, and events here in Europe of interest to people from South Asia. Hear...
Vegende Hollander

Radio Show: Meet the 'Sweeping Dutchman' and his painted broomsticks

A story on South Asia Wired in November 2011 mixed three ingredients: a young Dutch entrepreneur, a poor Sri Lanka village and brightly painted broomsticks. Do these ingredients mix? Well, they do, proves Hergen van der Star...

Shirin Juwaley before and after her acid attack

Radio Show: Trial by fire: Shirin Juwaley acid attack survivor

In the summer of 2011, an Iranian man about to be blinded in hospital was forgiven by his victim – the young woman he’d blinded with acid. It begs the question - what would we do if we were in the same position....

Radio Show: Drawings in the sand - keeping the political debate alive in the Maldives

In May 2012, South Asia Wired looked at how the world's largest democraccy is approaching its dismal record on human rights, and hear how a leading Maldivian artist uses sand as a medium of protest....

Radio Show: A market price on petty corruption

“We wanted to put a market price on corruption," chuckles Awanti Bele, "it was a kind of lighthearted endeavour in the beginning." Her story is featured on this week's edition of South Asia Wired....

Radio Show: The never ending battle against human trafficking in Nepal

Every year thousands of Nepali girls decide to leave home. Sometimes they run away without telling their family of their plans. Some of them are forced by their families to search for a job outside the village. But for about 7000...

Drugs banners in Maldives

Radio Show: The Maldives and drugs - A dark side of paradise

In May 2012, South Asia Wired presented a familiar global problem that had rapidly become a major problem in a very unlikely place. The Maldives are usually billed as a tourist paradise. With its pristine beaches...

Radio Show: Nepal's disabled grab their chances on the pitch

She crouches down to place her cricket bat horizontally on the ground. Carefully she tilts her head just a little to listen to the sound of the ball approaching. And then when it’s close enough she sweeps across the ground...

Radio Show: A very different kind of tradition

On this week’s show, group of sisters discuss how a simple piece of cloth can cause a vibrant debate in the Maldives.  And in a small  Indian village we find another tradition only less conservative, here the men...

Rakhi Khalita

Radio Show: Assam crippled by lack of development and ethnic tensions

On this week's South Asia Wired, we report from Assam (north east India) and London, where the annual Ashden Awards for sustainability were presented last week.

Taming of the Shrew rehearsal

Radio Show: Shakespeare's works reinvented for South Asian audiences

On this week’s South Asia Wired, we visit the world famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, which is staging its Globe To Globe Festival t...

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