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Sunday 21 December  
Earth Beat's picture

Earth Beat

Earth Beat is the radio show that’s all about us. Each week, we look at the highs and lows of life on this planet. With a unique mix of global stories, Earth Beat will make you rethink your...
Marnie Chesterton recording the last-ever edition of Earth Beat

Radio Show: The End

Earth Beat, 27 July 2012. We say goodbye by all piling into the studio and letting everyone do a story they’ve always wanted to. There will be mosquitos, und...

20 Knipe Point , Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Radio Show: Goodbye

Earth Beat, 20 July 2012. Saying goodbye… to a home, to an island, to a species. Stories about taking your leave under tough conditions. ...

Matthew Herbert

Radio Show: The Whole Hog

Earth Beat, 13 July 2012. A glutton’s delight! We’ve got manna from heaven, or at least, food from rooftops. We have a composer who’s made music from a pig and a...

Passengers at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Radio Show: Airports

Earth Beat, 6 July 2012. We check into the airport environment. How come flying used to be glamorous and now it’s more like being a herded animal? We meet the people tryin...

Abandoned Polish church, built 1785

Radio Show: Left Behind

Earth Beat, 29 June 2012. Urban exploring in abandoned buildings, explosive underwater wrecks, what to do about the small problem of nuclear waste and coming back from the ashes of...

Three local youngsters somersault into the Lake Lucerne to cool off from summer-

Radio Show: Summer

Earth Beat, 22 June 2012. Summertime. And the living is easy. Or is it? From summer depression and turning your backyard garden into a farm to scanning the horiz...

Grand Cirque: arriving back in Vancouver after 67 days

Radio Show: Full Circle

Earth Beat, 15 June 2012. Things that come full circle, like how an international explorer found the glamour of travelling in his own backyard, and a man’s Harley-Davidson, l...

A wolf in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, taken with hidden automatic camera

Radio Show: Comeback

Earth Beat, 8 June 2012. The big comeback. In Europe that means the return of the sturgeon to its natural habitat, while in Siberia one man battles to return the wilderness back 15...

Joe Petersburger, covered by Mayflies

Radio Show: Out of Nowhere

Earth Beat, 1 June 2012. We uncover the unexpected. From the man who discovered an island that appeared in the middle of nowhere, to bike lanes that sprung up out of the blue. Stor...

Wim Hof - The Iceman

Radio Show: Ice

Earth Beat, 25 May 2012. Ice, ice baby and bucketloads of the stuff. We meet the ice obsessives, people for whom ice is their job, their way of life, their art. Making music with...

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Ladies on the move
RNW is keen on featuring inspiring women in our target countries, women who...
What about men?
In many countries, men don't stick around to raise their children. This is...

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