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Sunday 21 December  
Studio Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Hilversum, Netherlands
Hilversum, Netherlands

About Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Published on : 28 October 2009 - 12:30pm | By Communicatie RNW (
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Radio Netherlands Worldwide provides news, background and cultural information to millions of people throughout the world via radio, television and the internet. This is done from a Dutch-European perspective, in ten languages. Radio Netherlands Worldwide is one of the top five international broadcasters alongside the BBC, Voice of America, Radio France Internationale and Deutsche Welle.

Objective information
Radio Netherlands Worldwide ensures that people have access to objective information, news and background. Via shortwave, satellite, internet and thousands of partner organisations.

Dutch expats abroad
In addition, Dutch speakers abroad, such as expats and their children, emigrants, soldiers, lorry drivers, sailors and holiday-makers, have access to information on developments which are important to them via Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Many nationalities
Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) is located in Hilversum. The organisation employs around 350 people, many of them from the countries which are featured in the programmes. Every day journalists, programme makers, presenters, technicians, producers and other staff of more than 30 different nationalities produce distinctive and much-discussed radio programmes and websites. RNW also works with its own corresponsdents across the whole world.

Collaborating worldwide
RNW’s regional representatives distribute its output throughout the world through cooperation with local media organisations. RNW’s range of programmes is often extended via co-productions and interactive projects with these partners.

Development of media
RNTC, centre of excellence in media, development and education, provides training courses for individuals and organisations and develops projects with partner organisations in developing countries and countries in transition. RNTC is attached to Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

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