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Wednesday 17 December  
Photo: Dick Gillissen

Studying in Holland

Want to study in the Netherlands? Here's RNW's Top 10 Dutch Universities for International Students series of articles and videos.

Article: Amsterdam 36th best city for students

Amsterdam has come in at number 36 in the top 50 student cities in the world. The first-ever study of education quality and student lifestyle in university cities shows Paris in the lead, closely followed by London, Boston and Melbourne.

Article: Dutch and foreign students: working together, socialising separately

"We work well together, but they are different." So say Dutch students about their foreign peers. And they're talking about a sizable group: there are over 30,000 foreign students enrolled at universities and colleges in the...

TU Delft student Chris Watson
Netherlands Netherlands Article: TU Delft: Meet Chris Watson

Article: TU Delft: Meet Chris Watson

American Chris Watson has started eating stroopwafels – a traditional Dutch cookie – for breakfast. Why? Because he loves them. Oh, and because he now lives in the Netherlands where he’s a master’s student at TU...

TU Delft
Netherlands Netherlands Article: TU Delft: Facts & Figures

Article: TU Delft: Facts & Figures

King William II of the Netherlands founded the Royal Academy of Delft on January 8, 1842. The school was designed to educate civilian engineers and trade apprentices, many of whom would go on to work in the colonies for the Dutch East...

Article: Tilburg University: Meet Akash Arasu

Akash Arasu has lived in many countries, but right now this 21-year-old calls the Netherlands home. Specifically Tilburg, where he’s an economics undergraduate at Tilburg University. Akash says the choice to study in...

Article: Tilburg University: Facts & Figures

Tilburg University, located in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands, specialises in the social sciences (especially economics) and law. The school dates back to 1927, though it was originally called the Roomsch Katholieke...

Article: Delft and Amsterdam Universities voted worst in Holland

Dutch university students have spoken... and they say Holland's worst universities are the Delft University of Technology, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and VU University Amsterdam. The Keuzegids, a sort of annual consumer guide for...

Article: Eindhoven University of Technology: Facts & Figures

Though the Eindhoven University of Technology was set up in June 1956 as Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven (a technical college), it’s official opening – with Queen Juliana – wasn’t until the following year. The...

Article: Eindhoven University of Technology: Meet Hrishikesh Salunkhe

Hrishikesh Salunkhe is a PhD student studying Embedded Systems. Originally from just outside Mumbai, India, this 25-year-old now finds himself living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Why? Because, he says, Eindhoven University of Technology...

Article: Wageningen University: Meet Derek and Roy

Deli Pan – known to his Dutch friends as Derek – and Weizhi He – AKA Roy – are both Master's students in environmental science at Wageningen University. They're both a long way from home, but, says Roy, the...