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Thursday 18 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.
New Orleans Police Department car
United States of America United States of America Article: Neighbourhood beat

Article: Neighbourhood beat

Roland Doucette was a policeman in New Orleans and patrolled some of the roughest neighbourhoods in America. Yet he found a way to help reduce crime by over 90 percent in some of them.

Radio Show: The Path of Most Resistance

The State We're In, 29 October 2011. A New Orleans cop tries to clean up a dirty police force from the inside. A Peruvian priest leads farmers in their protest against a multinational mining corporation - and wins. A budding lawyer in...

Article: Stepping up a gear

Douglas Sidialo in Kenya lost his sight in the 1998 attack on the US Embassy in Nairobi. But he rode his way back to forgiveness by cycling all the way from Cairo to Capetown, narrowly escaping a charging elephant along the way.

Article: The Man with the Golden Arm

Australian James Harrison has helped save the lives of over two million babies - all because he has a rare type of blood. And he’s made over 1,000 blood donations during his lifetime, earning him a curious nickname: The Man with the...

Article: Keeping watch on Wall Street

When Gary Aguirre took on insider trading in Heller Financial stock shortly after he joined the Securities and Exchange Commission, his investigation was shut down and he was fired.

Radio Show: Above and Beyond

The State We're In, 22 October 2011. The Wall Street overseer who got fired for investigating insider trading, the Kenyan man who got blinded in the US Embassy attack and later climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and an Australian man whose blood...

Article: Photographing Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi has, it seems, met a violent end and the news agencies are running some pretty graphic photos. So we thought we’d add one more picture, a portrait of Gaddafi, and the amazing story behind it.

Article: Tragedy is comedy

Zinat Pirzadeh has turned her life into a punchline. She’s experienced war, oppressive governments, forced marriage, hunger, death threats and more. But she’s now considered one of Sweden’s top female comedians. She...

Article: No joke - Cambodian political cartoonist in exile

Bun Heang Ung was a political cartoonist in Cambodia. He still is, but now lives in Australia because the Cambodian regime threatened his life - this after surviving the genocidal Khmer Rouge. He tells host Jonathan Groubert why he...

Radio Show: Great Escapes

The State We're In, 15 October 2011. A Tunisian escapes prison and runs 35 kilometres to be with his wife - who's about to give birth. A Cambodian cartoonist escapes two deadly regimes, and now he's making political cartoons read by...


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