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Sunday 21 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.

Radio Show: A Second Chance

The State We're In, 19 November 2011. A woman discovers the magical powers of laughter after the tragic death of her brother; a Russian playwright puts corrupt officials on trial in her play; a Nigerian pastor and imam on their journey...

Article: Geert Jan Jansen - Dutch master art forger

The Netherlands may be known for its Dutch Masters. But Geert Jan Jansen is a master forger who spent decades making fake paintings, and selling them off as original Picassos, Klimts, Appels before he finally got caught. Listen to the...

Jeff Smith
United States of America United States of America Article: Ex-Senator Jeff Smith: campaign lie landed me in jail

Article: Ex-Senator Jeff Smith: campaign lie landed me in jail

Jeff Smith was a state senator and a squeaky clean underdog candidate for Congress. But a small campaign lie turned into a federal investigation, and Jeff was sent to prison. Tweet

Radio Show: Faking It

The State We're In, 12 November 2011. A small lie lands a promising politician in prison. A Dutch artist on the joys of forging works by great painters. A Nigerian man on how he scams women into love relationships just to swindle their...

Karlene Robinson and her dad Ian
Australia Australia Article: My homeless dad

Article: My homeless dad

Karlene Robinson grew up in the Netherlands knowing nothing about her Australian father, other than his first name. But with help from a Dutch TV program Karlene found her dad: he was living on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Karlene...

Article: Laconia survivor: U-boat bombed then rescued us

In 1943, Josephine Pratchett and her family were on board Allied ship RMS Laconia when it was torpedoed by a German U-boat 600 miles off the coast of west Africa. Listen to an interview with Josephine.

Article: Western Sahara runner dreams of Olympics

Long-distance runner Salah Ameidan dreams of winning gold for his country at the Olympics. There’s just one problem: he’s Sahrawi, from the Western Sahara - a disputed territory that Morocco claims as its own. Listen to an...

Radio Show: The Extra Mile

The State We're In, 5 November 2011. A British woman recounts being rescued by a Nazi U-Boat commander – the man responsible for torpedoing the ship she was on. A Dutch woman tracks down the father she never knew and finds him living...

(from left) Howard Hughes, Melvin Dummar
United States of America United States of America Article: Melvin Dummar: Howard Hughes left me $150 million

Article: Melvin Dummar: Howard Hughes left me $150 million

Melvin Dummar entered the public eye when he claimed to have rescued reclusive billionaire tycoon Howard Hughes on a Nevada desert road in 1967. Listen to an interview with Melvin below.

Article: The Devil Operation

Father Marco Arana in Peru led Quechua Indians in a protest against a gold mining company, which was backed by the Peruvian government. Despite overwhelming odds, they succeeded in stopping the mine. But they also started getting threats...


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