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Thursday 18 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.

Article: Warsaw Uprising rebel fought Nazis, betrayed by Communists

In 1944, the Polish underground resistance - called the Home Army - launched an audacious rebellion against the Nazis known as the Warsaw Uprising. Stefan Bałuk, 97, was there. After the war, he was betrayed by the city he risked his life...

Radio Show: Betrayal

The State We're In, 10 December. A Norwegian filmmaker on joining anarchists in their fight against neo-Nazism, and the betrayal she regrets to this day. A Dutch football fan and his comic odyssey in becoming part-owner of one of the most...

Radio Show: The Breaking Point

The State We're In, 3 December 2011. An Iranian doctor and writer on why he fled his beloved homeland, an ex-border patrol agent in America on why he’s now an immigration activist, a non-violent follower of Gandhi whose ashram was...

Article: Lincoln Hall - left for dead on Mount Everest

Lincoln Hall should be dead. He summited Mount Everest, but on his descent, suffered from a cerebral edema that left him unable to move. After trying to revive him, his Sherpa guides assumed he was dead and left him at 8,000 metres (26,...

Article: Georges Laraque - the enforcer

Georges Laraque has done the unexpected all his life. Growing up in Montreal, he battled racism before becoming a National Hockey League professional in a sport dominated at the time by white players. Comment on this story.

Gus Zamora
United States of America United States of America Article: Gus Zamora, international child recovery specialist

Article: Gus Zamora, international child recovery specialist

Globalisation and the rise of internet dating and mail-order brides has seen a huge rise in international marriages - and in international divorces. When couples split up, complex legal issues can arise and when children are...

Radio Show: Tough Guys

The State We're In, 26 November 2011. Gus Zamora, the "snatchback" detective who returns children to their parents in other countries. Lincoln Hall, the mountaineer who was left for dead on Mount Everest, but lived to tell the...

Tita Begashaw
United States of America United States of America Article: Laughter therapy helps the healing process

Article: Laughter therapy helps the healing process

Tita Begashaw loves to laugh. In fact, she gives laughter therapy classes - encouraging people to laugh till their sides ache. But things weren’t always so jolly for her.

Article: At face value: dealing with prosopagnosia

Marnie Chesterton can remember scientific facts, odd historical tidbits and every meal she ate on a gastronomic adventure in Italy. But she can’t remember faces. Even if she’s met you a few times, chances are she won’t...

Article: Russian Prosecutor: Magnitsky case to continue

The Russian General Prosecutor has said the posthumus prosecution of Sergei Magnitsky will continue and that officials accused of being involved in his death will not be removed from the current investigation.


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