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Saturday 20 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.

Radio Show: It's Not Me - It's You!

The State We're In, 18 February 2012. A British comedienne with cerebral palsy on the laughable attitudes about what’s 'normal'. A white American woman on teaming up with African American mothers to shut down an abusive juvenile...

Article: A mother takes on the juvenile prison system

When Grace Bauer’s son was just thirteen years old, he was sent to a juvenile prison in Louisiana, and became one of the 2.2 million children who get arrested and incarcerated each year in the United States. What happened to her son...

Article: Entrepreneur with a passion for periods

Arunachalam Muruganantham has become a poster boy for social entrepreneurship in India. He invented a machine that manufactures sanitary napkins mechanically. That’s not only made the product affordable for millions of India’s...

Radio Show: Valentine’s Special 2012

The State We're In, 11 February 2012. How a Palestinian Romeo crept through illegal tunnels to be with his Juliet in Gaza. Why an American sociologist thinks that monogamy virtually guarantees cheating. What happened when a woman in...

Radio Show: The Fight of Your Life

The State We're In, 4 February 2012. A young woman in Kabul boxes to change her life and her country. A philosopher believes virtue can be taught in the boxing ring. And a Kenyan women who was attacked while running for election is...

Radio Show: Freedom's Road

The State We're In, 28 January 2012. The first Western media interview of Imad Ghalioun, the Syrian politician who defected recently, a Wikileaks pioneer and politician from Iceland who helped make public the 'collateral murder' video, and...

Article: Defected Syrian MP faced a wall of denial

Former member of Syrian parliament Imad Ghalioun speaks with RNW in the first major interview he has given to Western media since defecting earlier this month to join the opposition against President Bashar al-Assad. From Cairo, the...

Radio Show: Border Crossings

The State We're In, 21 January 2012. A man from a poor village in Kenya gets an unexpected hand from Sweden to study at Harvard. A Bulgarian orphan on the verge of dying finds a loving home with South African parents. A Nigerian man...

Article: Marisa Merico: "Mafia Princess"

Pat Riley from the UK was on holiday in Milan in the late 1960s when she met a handsome Italian boy named Emilio Di Giovine. It turned out to be no ordinary holiday romance; Emilio was to become a leading member of the Ndrangheta Mafia...

Radio Show: The Call of Duty

The State We're In, 14 January 2012. After almost 70 years, a former Dutch resistance fighter admits she assassinated the wrong man. A Canadian woman tries to help the homeless and learns a life-altering lesson about herself. A South...


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