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Saturday 20 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.

Radio Show: Pranks!

The State We're In, 14 April 2012. A Belgian comedy troupe pranks the country’s biggest telecommunications company with the reputation for the worst customer service. A Nicaraguan woman plays a witch on local radio to name and shame...

Radio Show: It Ain't Over

The State We're In, 7 April 2012. A 101 year old man on leaving his infant daughter on a neighbour’s doorstep during the Warsaw Uprising. And how an Ethiopian migrant worker escaped her brutal employer in Lebanon. Comment on this...

Radio Show: Taking the Reins

The State We're In, 31 March 2012. William Browder on the outrageous theft of his investment fund by Russian authorities and the virtual assassination of his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky. A woman suffering from cancer discovers she has no...

Radio Show: The Real Me

The State We're In, 24 March 2012. A 13-year-old street hawker in Kabul dreams of becoming a pilot. A Kurdish woman struggles with breast cancer and her culture’s punitive view of it. And a man in Denver talks about his 20 year...

Radio Show: Deal With It

The State We're In, 17 March 2012. A documentary filmmaker from Congo helps convict a warlord of war crimes; a young woman from Baghdad fights for a new Iraq on the basketball court; a woman in Cairo copes with sexual harassment on the...

Article: Whose Arab Spring?

Sarah Wali left Egypt largely because of the sexual harassment she experienced. But when the Mubarak regime was toppled, she decided to return. Only to find that the harassment was as bad as ever: on the street, in the car, even on...

Radio Show: By the Book

The State We're In, 10 March 2012. A woman in Berlin makes it her life’s work to scrape off neo-Nazi graffiti, even if it puts her in danger, a long-haired leftie loses his locks and enters high finance, a journalist in Sri Lanka is...

Belinda as a child (left) with her "yayo" Alejandro Rincon and sister Vanessa
Netherlands Netherlands Article: My Yayo

Article: My Yayo

Australia is a nation of migrants. But most of them leave their mother tongues at the door. And now, around 70 percent of second-generation Australians speak mainly English at home. Belinda Lopez was one of them. Taken from...

Radio Show: Sounds Like Home

The State We're In, 3 March 2012. An Aboriginal soprano decides to write an opera for her people - and discovers her own family history. A composer travels to Cyprus and Palestine to unite broken communities with music, and one of TSWI...

Radio Show: For the Record

The State We're In, 25 February 2012. A former US serviceman on founding America’s first black platoon of paratroopers. A journalist from Ghana on why he went undercover to expose wrongdoings. And a Senegalese hip-hop artist on...


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