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Saturday 20 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.

Radio Show: Remembrance

The State We're In, 2 June 2012. A Belgian artist from a family of Nazi collaborators turns his wartime memories into paintings. A Sudanese journalist believes that telling stories about past conflict is a lifeline. And a Somalian...

Radio Show: Two Enemies, One Heart

The State We're In, 26 May 2012. It’s been 30 years since May 24, 1982 - known as Martyrs’ Day in Iraq. But in Iran, it’s celebrated as the day that the city of Khorramshahr was liberated - a major turning point in the...

Article: Making 'Two Enemies, One Heart'

'Two Enemies, One Heart' is an amazing account of how two opposing soldiers met on the battlefield during the Iran-Iraq war, when one saved the other's life. Nearly 20 years later, after both men's lives had been changed forever by the...

Radio Show: One More Time

The State We’re In, 19 May 2012. A rags-to-riches entrepreneur in Mogadishu gets kidnapped by Al Shabaab, but makes both his escape and fortune. A Chilean man confronts the man who tortured him, while an American writer recalls the...

Radio Show: It's All in the Mind

The State We're In, 12 May 2012. A woman’s personality changes after a parachuting accident, a businessman wakes up a new man after a stroke, and the two meet and fall in love. What life is like as 'The Human Google'. And an author...

Radio Show: Building a Better You

The State We're In, 5 May 2012. We meet a researcher who believes death may be conquered in his lifetime. A British DJ recounts the excruciating aversion therapy he went to "cure" him of homosexuality. A Dutch photographer...

Article: The world’s most beautiful people

Dutch photographer Michel Szulc Krysanowski put an ad in ten newspapers, in ten countries, asking people who considered themselves to be “the most beautiful in the world” to contact him. Exactly what “beautiful”...

Radio Show: World Press Freedom Day

The State We're In, 28 April 2012. A Swedish filmmaker on facing down a multinational corporation which wanted to silence him, a Libyan journalist who was tortured for telling the truth, and two Ghanaian women who have a lot of fun talking...

Article: The State We're In wins best documentary award

The State We're In has won a Gabriel award for best documentary. It won with 'Two Enemies, One Heart', which aired 10 September 2011 and was produced by Mignon Aylen. It told the story of two combatants, one Iraqi and one Iranian, each of...

Radio Show: Street Warriors

The State We're In, 21 April 2012. A man in Belarus fights for gay rights and loves it. A woman in Barcelona takes on pickpocket gangs and wins. A woman in Zimbabwe buys a van to start a business but it gets stolen. And a scientist in New...


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