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Friday 19 December  
The State We're In

The State We're In

How we treat each other around the world.

Radio Show: Overtime

The State We're In, 6 October 2012. A man in North Carolina spends 13 years on death row but was innocent. A woman with cancer learns to laugh at herself. And a photographer in Germany takes photos of dead people to get over his fear...

Radio Show: Out of the Ordinary

The State We're In, 29 September 2012. A woman escapes the Taliban and constraints of her own family to become a fashion model. A boy escapes Kabul and now creates landmine detectors. And a romance writer who doesn’t care what the...

The State We're In team
Netherlands Netherlands Article: The State We’re In to finish

Article: The State We’re In to finish

We have some bad news: The State We're In is being terminated. As many of you may know, Radio Netherlands Worldwide was hit with a drastic 70 percent cutback last year by the Dutch government. We were assured at that time by Radio...

Radio Show: The Naked Truth

The State We're In, 22 September 2012. A man felt like a failure until he met with a sex coach. A sex coach explains her career choice. And a legendary sexologist argues that we’re still getting sex all wrong, even today.

Radio Show: Keeping Up Appearances

The State We're In, 15 September 2012. A Canadian writer on the frustrations and humour of going blind. A Brazilian plastic surgeon on what she will, and won’t, do to help her patients. An Indian inventor who nearly lost his marriage...

Radio Show: I’m Outta Here!

The State We're In, 8 September 2012. A propaganda poet from North Korea sees Kim Jong-il wearing elevator shoes then flees the country. A musician celebrates his Congolese roots. And a writer from Afghanistan who risked his life to...

Radio Show: Breaking the Rules

The State We're In, 1 September 2012. A Dutch woman nearly becomes an unwitting terrorist bomber. A budding lawyer in Toronto gets picked up by the police for a crime he never committed. A Ugandan ex-officer throws eggs at his president to...

Radio Show: Skin Deep

The State We're In, 25 August 2012. A man who tests how true your 'true love' really is, a young man with Down's Syndrome searching for love, the Italian founder of 'The Ugly Club', a woman in London and her 'toy boys' and a gay man in the...

Radio Show: Taking a Stand

The State We're In, 18 August 2012. You see a tense situation developing. It looks bad, but you’re not sure. When do you take a stand? Today’s guests all have their own stories about taking a stand: from Nigeria, the US, Russia...

Radio Show: To the Rescue

The State We're In, 11 August 2012. An Australian man whose blood donations have saved over two million babies; a woman who helped make the joyful reunion of former child soldiers and their families possible; and a gang member in London...


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