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Friday 19 December  

Article: 'US to pressure Sri Lanka on reconciliation process'

The United States is set to table a resolution against Sri Lanka at the next sitting of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva later this month. The Americans have voiced their concerns over human rights violations in Sri...

Article: What makes Bangalore the suicide capital?

Recent statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau of India ranked Bangalore as the metropolitan suicide capital of the country in 2010. Last year alone over 1700 residents committed suicide in the city.

Radio Show: Reason for hope

In this week’s programme we hear from the indominitable Dr Myint Myint Khin from Burma.  A doctor and professor of medicine for most of her career, Dr Khin has never shirked from expressing her often dissident views, despite the...

Article: Mumbai's LGBTs walk with pride

Mumbai organised its fifth “Queer Azadi (freedom in Hindi) March” (QAM) this Saturday. Over 500 people gathered on the streets of South Mumbai to demand equal rights for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people. With all...

Article: Kachin women sold as Chinese brides

Nan Bun is the daughter of a poor farmer in Kachin state in Burma, just over the border from China.  Because she had to help in the fields since her childhood, she was already 21 when she passed her ninth grade exams. 

Radio Show: Burma's media scene is changing fast

A few years ago, he would have been imprisoned simply for talking to someone from the foreign media, but today, he’s happy not just to talk, but to be photographed and to be named.  Tiha Saw talks about the reforms in Burma...

Article: Burma's brutal reality behind the benign face of reform

Phil Thornton reporting from Kachin state While the international community and Asean reward Burma’s government for its cautious reforms, a conflict in the Kachin area in the north has displaced nearly 60,000 people. There have been...

Article: Too little pay for one meal a day in Jaipur

Seema Vairva weighs just 30 kilos. Both she and her baby son have been diagnosed with anaemia. Seema is a domestic worker in Jaipur, and a Dalit – the social group at the bottom of India’s traditional caste ladder. Jaipur,...

Article: A call to end darkness in Burma

As the government in Burma, also known as Myanmar, engages in its much-touted reform process, a civil society movement in Burma’s Arakan state is steadily gaining strength. Earlier last week, protesters continued to demonstrate...

Article: Old vessels still end up on South Asian scrapyard beaches, despite ban

The Netherlands is among the top five European Union countries when it comes to the unregulated dumping of old ships to be scrapped on beaches in South East Asia, say campaigners. Twelve old ships whose last owners were Dutch companies...

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