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Thursday 18 December  

Radio Show: A photographer's journey through Bangladesh's despair and delights

On this week's edition South Asia Wired, we feature two men from the Souh Asian region: Shahidul Alam (pictured), the world famous photographer from Bangladesh, and Arunchalam Muruganantham who turned a remarkable women...

Article: For Tibetans in exile, there's no reason to celebrate

The increasingly violent oppression in Tibet has caused unrest among the Tibetan community abroad. Though they have escaped Chinese oppression themselves, many Tibetans maintain close ties with their native land. For the refugees of Tibet...

Article: Soaps changing the world one episode at a time

Taru was young, well educated and very polite.  A Bihari from a higher caste, she befriended the likeable Shashikant of a lower caste.  Together they challenged many of the prejudices of in a society where caste and gender taboos...

Article: School a 'tool to liberation' for tribal girls

A cloud of dust follows the auto rickshaw as I leave Sheopur, a district in northern Madhya Pradesh. Though a six-hour bus ride through the jungle lies ahead, my heart and head are filled with the impressions of my last 10 days spent at...

Article: Entrepreneur with a passion for periods

Arunachalam Muruganantham has become a poster boy for social entrepreneurship in India. He invented a machine that manufactures sanitary napkins mechanically. That’s not only made the product affordable for millions of India’s...

Article: Kathmandu slum dwellers fear government bulldozers

Kathmandu is home to nearly 50,000 squatters spread across the city's slums. With grand plans to beautify the city, the government has repeatedly threatened to evict the dwellers. Of particular attention are the settlements along the...

Article: Press freedom stifled in India’s Naxal areas

It might be the world’s largest democracy but India is struggling to defend its democratic status in the ‘red corridor’ – areas troubled by Naxalite or Maoist insurgency. Expectedly, press freedom is taking a...

Article: Tibetan community holds worldwide vigil

A protest has been held in Amsterdam to call attention to a spate of self-immolations in Tibet and Nepal. The demonstration drew about hundred Tibetan supporters. Despite freezing temperatures, they gathered at Dam Square in the...

Radio Show: Chhattisgarh's 'witches': maimed for life

“When I think of that day, it still sends kind of shivers down my spine,” Teerath says. Then her tears silence her for a long moment. She bows her head and wipes her face with the end of her grimy sari. It all happened ten...

Article: Breaking literary barriers

“I was overwhelmed by the response, so many people had so many things to say,” an elated Gogu Shyamala says, after the release of her book at the recently concluded Jaipur Literary Festival in India. “It’s doubly...

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