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Friday 19 December  
Wild dogs in Srinagar
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Going to the dogs

Article: Going to the dogs

By Wasim Khalid from Srinagar Muhammad Yasin was heading to work when he was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. By the time passers by had got to him, he was unconscious and covered with bites and scratches. 

Article: Are human rights in Nepal a thing of the past?

This week it was revealed that Nepal has quietly passed a new law that may indicate a bleak future for human rights in the fledgling Himalayan democracy. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Act, which was signed into law by...

Article: Outdoor adventure: a fast-growing industry in India

The outdoor adventure industry in India is on the rise. What used to be a hobby for nature and adrenaline freaks some years ago is now being embraced by a larger urban public. 

Article: At this year's Olympics let's have fair play for all

In the run-up to the Olympic Games in London this year, star athletes have struck lucrative sponsorship deals. Sprinter Usain Bolt, for example, will be sporting gear by Puma. But while he’s running to smash another world record this...

Radio Show: No toilet no bride

Flashing cameras and a horde of journalists is not something they see every day in this little village 250 kilometres from Bhopal. But since one if its citizens made headlines around the world, the media have made the long trip over dusty...

Radio Show: Gujarat: Ten years since the riots

Shafiq Ahmed is reluctant to speak of his past. He lives with his grandmother and she says he's still traumatised by what he went through 10 years ago. “I don’t remember much but my granny told me about it. My parents were...

Article: Nepal's first transgender politician on a mission

When Bhumika Shrestha was little she loved to dress up in her mother’s clothes and wear her sister’s lipstick. Her parents did not see a problem in their son wanting to dress-up. He was just a little kid after all. But...

Article: Bangladesh in pictures: The beauty vs. the disaster

“Many people tend to see the floods, the famine and the disasters. I’d rather focus on the beauty, the magic and the opportunities of my country.” Bangladeshi photographer and social activist Shahidul Alam wants us to...

Radio Show: Medical Care with a difference in India

Good healthcare is still an inaccessible privilege for millions of poor Indians. Only one percent of the country’s GDP is spent on improving healthcare infrastructure. But as is so often the case in India, individuals are surging...

Article: Sri Lankan protests – from street to Tweet

Hashtags took on traditional banner-wavers over the issue of Sri Lankan human rights Monday, both in Colombo and in cyberspace. By Richard Walker While pro-government supporters crowded the Sri Lankan capital’s main thoroughfare,...

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