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Monday 22 December  

Article: The forgotten victims of Nepal's civil war

Nepal's struggling peace process may have reached its final stages with the deadline for a new constitution fast approaching. But for thousands of people, peace constitutes much more than a new constitution. For them, any transition...

Radio Show: Bishnois: India’s earliest tree huggers

“Losing your head is better than losing a tree,” is an old saying among India’s indigenous Bishnoi community. The Bishnois, considered to be the world’s earliest environmentalists, still follow this tenet of their...

Article: Bangalore’s working children: uniting for their rights

There are over 20 million children working in various industries across India. They form a formidable yet cheap work force in the country. The Indian constitution outlaws child labour and treats working children as criminals. But for many...

Article: A film about bandhs showing life in Nepal

When director Deepak Rauniyar first heard that his film, Highway, was selected for the Berlin Film Festival this year, he cried.  Usually Nepali films are Bollywood imitations, and Highway was the first Nepali film ever to be was...

Radio Show: Biharis: Bangladesh's forgotten community

Hawkers meander around the Rahmat camp selling everything from fruits and vegetables to plasticware and clothes. In the morning in most houses the radio play Urdu devotional songs. The morning sounds of the Bihari community haven...

Radio Show: Case of custodial deaths in Chhattisgarh

There’s a coffin in the courtyard of the Pudiyam family. Kesa Pudiyam points at it and says, “the ambulance brought my brother in this (pointing at the coffin) last week and dropped him off. They didn’t explain anything....

Article: LGBT rights get prime time in Nepal

For the Nepalese LGTB community, change has been steady since they formed a united group. Sunil Pant demonstrates what a charismatic, well-spoken leader can accomplish for a group of community ‘outsiders’. His gentle...

Article: The Sinhalese doctor defying the ethnic odds

You don’t have to look far to find stories on how divided Sri Lanka still is. Granted, this website is no different. Despite the end of the Tamil war in 2009, there is still a deep dividing line between ethnic groups in the country....

Article: Zomia: the need to think beyond borders

Remember the excitement you felt as a kid going abroad for the first time? When we grow up we are taught to think about the world as the map that hung in our classroom, neatly divided by national borders. Our identity is connected to...

Article: The Netherlands offers new future for Burmese refugees

“I was so afraid the sun would never shine in the Netherlands. But luckily it does occasionally!” Mawi Te Zahau from Myanmar (formerly Burma) is one of the 500 refugees the Dutch government selects every year to come and...

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