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Saturday 20 December  

Radio Show: Assam crippled by lack of development and ethnic tensions

On this week's South Asia Wired, we report from Assam (north east India) and London, where the annual Ashden Awards for sustainability were presented last week.

Article: The real cost of a cuppa

It’s the world’s favourite beverage:  Tea – the cornerstone of empires and a multi-billion dollar industry, but what is the real human cost of a cuppa? The north eastern Indian state of Assam is almost synonymous for...

Radio Show: Shakespeare's works reinvented for South Asian audiences

On this week’s South Asia Wired, we visit the world famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, which is staging its Globe To Globe Festival this month – all 37 plays by the bard performed in 37 different languages,...

Article: Heroin flooding the Maldives

Looking down from the airplane window, the island nation off the coast of India looks idyllic. But don’t let the pristine beaches and turquoise sea fool you. The Maldives have a dark side to them that not many visiting honeymooners...

Article: The village that everyone forgot

Even by Indian standards, the village of Dhubirchar is insalubrious.  It’s nothing more than a row of thatched huts perched on the banks of the Gadhadar river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra in lower Assam near the Bangladesh...

Article: Nepal journalists target during three-day protest

During the three-day nationwide strike, attacks on Nepali reporters across the country heightened fears among journalists.  They became targets for violence as Nepal’s constitutional deadline approaches on May 27. ...

Article: Going online: The Naga struggle for freedom

The Naga movement for independence from India began in 1947. Over 60 years later, the region considered to part of northeast India continues to be under Indian control. Youngsters in Nagaland are now taking the struggle online.

Article: RNW’s Dutch-language service falls silent

After 65 years, Radio Netherlands Worldwide has ended its broadcasts aimed at Dutch people abroad. From messages for sailors to special programmes for expats - what has Radio Netherlands meant for the Dutch overseas? In the...

Article: Stateless people: Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh

The Chakma people of Arunachal Pradesh, a state in northeast India, have been fighting for citizenship for over six decades. Having fled Bangladesh in the 1960s, they think it’s time India recognised them. “I came to India...

Article: Religious tensions flare in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been hit by fresh religious unrest between Buddhists and Muslims. In a recent incident in Dambulla, a group of Buddhists – including several orange-clad monks – stormed into a mosque claiming that the building was...

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