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Tuesday 23 December  

Radio Show: The Maldives and drugs - A dark side of paradise

In May 2012, South Asia Wired presented a familiar global problem that had rapidly become a major problem in a very unlikely place. The Maldives are usually billed as a tourist paradise. With its pristine beaches and idyllic scenery, it's...

Article: The Maldives: a country without justice

Can you imagine a country without a court? That’s how we were, says Aishath Velezinee. As a member of the Judicial Service Commission she was in charge of reforming the Maldives' judicial system after years of dictatorship...

Article: Rap in Kashmir: to protest or not?

It’s a weekday but the streets are deserted in Srinagar, the capital of Indian administered Kashmir. Shutters are down on shops and vehicular movement is restricted. Hundreds of police and military personnel are patrolling the...

Article: Bhutan's sole Olympic archer aims at London success

The Himalayan nation of Bhutan may not set the medals table alight at the upcoming London Olympics. With only two athletes, its role on this world stage of sport will be a minor one. But Bhutan is on a mission to transfer the centuries-old...

Article: Myanmar's communal tragedy

Rakhine state, always one of the most troubled of Myanmar’s troubled ethnic areas has been suffering a particularly virulent spate of communal violence since early June. Villages and houses are being set on fire, people are being...

Radio Show: Nepal's disabled grab their chances on the pitch

She crouches down to place her cricket bat horizontally on the ground. Carefully she tilts her head just a little to listen to the sound of the ball approaching. And then when it’s close enough she sweeps across the ground and hits...

Article: A caterpillar fungus is Nepal's El Dorado

Is it flora or fauna? A caterpillar killed by a fungus that turns into grass - but whatever it is, its providing an unexpected bounty for impoverished farmers in Nepal.  This report by SAW correspondent Kyle Knight in Nepal.

Article: The forgotten corners of 'Incredible India'

The fruits of India’s economic boom are obvious in the cities where malls and SUVs have sprouted like mushrooms after a shower.  But in the nation’s remotest areas there is a conspicuous absence of the most basic services.

Article: Assam's Sorrows

Squint your eyes at a map of Assam in northeastern India, and it takes on the shape of a tuning fork, sliced lengthways down the middle by the massive Brahmaputra river. But squint your eyes a bit more and Assam and its neighbor states -...

Radio Show: A very different kind of tradition

On this week’s show, group of sisters discuss how a simple piece of cloth can cause a vibrant debate in the Maldives.  And in a small  Indian village we find another tradition only less conservative, here the men are pimps...

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