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Tuesday 23 December  
South Asia Beat

South Asia Beat

South Asia Beat is a radio show highlighting music from and for the region. SAB features raga, fusion and folk rock, getting you the best of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Nepali, Bangladeshi and Afghani popular music.

Article: A band born out of hope

Afghan refugees have been coming to India since 1979, after Soviet troops had invaded the country. Approximately 60,000 Afghans have fled to India since then, most of whom have now become Indian citizens. Among them is a group of young...

Article: Techie-rockers: a new sound out of India

IT professionals by day, rock musicians by night, that’s how the seven bandmembers of Bangalore’s Agam describe themselves. They all played music as kids, but their musical collaboration started in an unlikely place - the...

Article: Rap star M.I.A. puts obscure Dutch pop act back in limelight

Sri Lanka-born hip hop star M.I.A. is expected to enter the UK pop charts this weekend with her new single, ‘It takes a muscle’, which is a cover version of an obscure Dutch single from the 1980s. How a thirty-year-old song by...

Article: Across the Universe: The Beatles in India

On this week's edition of South Asia Beat, we present a special programme in which we take you back to 1968, when four men from Liverpool embarked on a meditation trip to Rishikesh in the north of India. These four men were, of course,...

Article: Swarathma: Rockers with a heart

This week on South Asia Beat we speak to Vasu Dixit, the founder and lead singer of Swarathma, an Indian folk rock band based in Bangalore. Vasu was just 22 when he started the band and had no idea about the music scene in the country...

Article: South Asia Beat: back with Season 2

South Asia Beat is back! Starting today, South Asia Wired presents its second season of this musical radio show featuring indie rock, where we’ll get you the best of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Nepali, Bangladeshi and Afghani...

Article: ‘Take me to your heart’ – how John Lennon fell for India

To misquote the opening lines of the classic Beatles album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it was 30 years ago today [Wednesday 8 December] that John Lennon was shot dead in New York. One aspect of his work often overlooked is...

Article: Indian peace prize for Dutch jazz musician

‘Music can bring people together’ may be an age old truth, but it’s one that is put into practice almost daily by Dutch jazz trumpet player Saskia Laroo. And with some effect, as she has been awarded a prestigious Indian...

Article: Bhangra and Bollywood on Dutch airwaves

A brand new Dutch radio station that caters for fans of Bhangra, Bollywood, Hindi and other South Asian music styles was launched today in Rotterdam, highlighting the growing popularity of Asian music in the Netherlands. FunX Desi plays...

Article: South Asia Beat looks at crossover genre

This week’s show is a cocktail of raga, street and folk rock: Hindu hymns fused with western beats, English lyrics tuned to Desi street rock and an Indo-Israeli fusion! Maha Ganapatim by Susheela Raman