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Saturday 20 December  
Microfinance dossier

Microfinance: Who profits?

Five years after the 'Year of Microcredit' Radio Netherlands Worldwide wants to take the debate on micro-finance a step further, with a series of radio broadcasts and web productions on the theme.

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President Yudhoyono and Princess Máxima

The Princess, the President and the G20

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands visited Indonesia and Malaysia last week to discuss the issue of financial inclusion ahead of the next G20 summit. Dipo Alam, Cabinet Secretary of the Second United Cabinet of the Republic of...

Mohammed Yunus in happier times

Founder Yunus leaves Grameen Bank

Mohammed Yunus, the founder and chief executive of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh has handed his position over to his deputy, Nurjahan Begum. Mr Yunus and his bank, which supplies microfinancing to beginning enterpreneurs in cash-strapped...

Princess Máxima

Princess Máxima: make microcredits cheaper

The financial sector should be streamlined to make microcredit loans even more affordable, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands told RNW. She was speaking on a visit to Senegal, where microfinancing has become extremely popular, as it...

Muhammad Yunus outside the court

Microloan banker Yunus released on bail

Bangladesh microfinancier Muhammad Yunus has been released on bail after appearing on libel charges before a judge in Mymensnigh, near Dhaka. He had been accused of slandering a number of Bangladeshi politicians in a 2007 interview with...


Microcredits: too much and too often

Micro financing consultant Stefan Platteau says that in Nicaragua, microcredits are increasingly leading to financial problems. One of the root causes is reportedly the aggressive selling tactics of microfinance institutions that grant big...

Working in a cotton field in South India

Stricter rules for microfinance after India suicides

The suicides of more than 30 farmers in southeast India have rocked the world of microfinance. The farmers were reportedly deep in debt to microfinance institutions (MFIs). Measures were announced immediately, but who will monitor...

tie and dye business

Microfinance: no goose with golden egg

"Microfinance is a poverty trap". At least that's the argument Milford Bateman makes in his book, Why Doesn't Microfinance Work? The Destructive Rise of Local Neoliberalism. RNW's Eric Beauchemin has made a number of videos about...


Microcredit: “Back to responsible banking”

It’s logical for profitable microfinance institutions (MFIs) to prefer prosperous customers, because they bring in more money. But to refuse needy clients is going too far. Dutch economist Pim Engels is calling for a return to...

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Princess Máxima

Microcredit: sometimes it’s just like Wall Street

There is a lot of money to be made in the world of microfinance. At a conference hosted by Radio Netherlands Worldwide earlier this year, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands had harsh things to say about the phenomenon. She warned...

Grilled chicken microcredit

Dutch banks provide 30 million euros for microcredits

Due in part to urgings by Princess Máxima, three big banks and the Bank for Dutch Councils (BNG) are setting aside 30 million euros for microfinance in the Netherlands. It’s a move that will make it possible for hundreds of...

Showing items for microfinance


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