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Sunday 21 December  
Microfinance dossier

Microfinance: Who profits?

Five years after the 'Year of Microcredit' Radio Netherlands Worldwide wants to take the debate on micro-finance a step further, with a series of radio broadcasts and web productions on the theme.

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Fruit market in Sierra Leone

Microfinance boom excludes the very poorest

When Muhammad Yunus set up his Grameen Bank for microcredit in Bangladesh in 1976, his aim was to give people at the lowest level of society the chance to rise above the abject poverty in which they were living. "Banking the...

Bidi interviewed by Eric Beauchemin

Microcredit - When suicide seems the only way out

Seven RNW reporters fanned out across the world in recent months to interview small entrepreneurs who funded their businesses with microcredits. Their videotaped portraits will be published in this dossier on 25 January. To whet your...

Radio Netherlands Worldwide Microfinance theme in 2010

Focus on microfinance

Five years after the 'Year of Microcredit' Radio Netherlands Worldwide takes the debate on microfinance a step further. The theme will be central to RNW broadcasts via radio and the internet from January 2010 and Radio Netherlands...

Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus - the man behind microcredit – wins Freedom from Want Award 2006

Mohammed Yunus, the man behind the small loans or microcredit system, was one of the four winners of the Four Freedoms Awards 2006, presented in the Dutch town of Middelburg. They are awarded each year to honour individuals who have shown...

Showing items for microfinance


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